I have not received my items --- What should I do?

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I have not received my items ------ What should I do?

1 ) Go into your eBay and PayPal accounts and confirm the Seller, received the correct shipping address. Buyers move and forget to update their shipping addresses all the time.

2 ) Check the listing for any infomation, about when a Seller ships orders. Some Sellers are only able to ship once or twice each week. Better Sellers, will state, if they are limited as to when they can ship.

3 ) Check with everyone living with you. They may have received the package and put it aside.

4 ) Check with your Post Office. It could there waiting for you to pick it up. Too big for your mailbox or a signature is required.

5 ) Check the eBay "Order Details" page, to see if there is a link under the Shipping & Handling Title. If there is a link. Click on it, to see the Delivery Confirmation or Tracking Number

6 ) Check for a PayPal Email, which has the Delivery Confirmation or Tracking Number. If there is no link on the "Order Details" page.

7 ) Contact the Seller using BOTH direct email and the My Messaging system. If no DC or Tracking number is available.

8 ) Wait, 3 Business Days for the seller to respond. Most eBay Sellers, do this part time and work or family issues can delay any response.

9 ) Check your email account's Spam or Junk folders for the Seller's emails, BEFORE going to step 10

10 ) Use the eBay ""Find Contact Information"" link to get the Seller's phone number and call the Seller.

11 ) Before opening any dispute with eBay and/or PayPal. Please remember the following.

a ) Shipping takes time.

b ) If you pay on a Friday. Your item may not be shipped until Monday. (Tuesday if Monday is a holiday)

c ) NEVER ASSUME, the Seller shipped the same day you made payment.

d ) NEVER ASSUME, the Seller shipped Priority Mail.

e ) Estimated Shipping Times, are listed in Business Days. Saturdays, Sundays, and Holidays and NOT Business Days

f ) Estimated Shipping Time, is time it takes USPS, UPS, FedEx ETC, ETC, ETC to deliver your package. It does NOT include the time needed for the Seller to process, package and deliver it to USPS, UPS, FedEx, ETC, ETC, ETC

g ) If you live on the East coast and the Seller is on the West coast. It can take UPS 6 Business Days to deliver your package. That would be 10 to 11 total days, if you include weekends and holidays

h ) Priority mail ON AVERAGE takes 1 to 3 Business Days. But, USPS states that is NOT Guaranteed. USPS does not consider a package undelivered, until 21 Days has past. (including Priority mail)

i ) Check the listing for shipping details. Some Sellers only ship 2 times each week.

j ) Check the news, for the area around your Seller's location. Flooding, Storms, Power Outages and many other issues. Can delay a Seller from shipping and/or responding to emails

k ) Sellers, who only sell a fews item each year. May not check their eBay and PayPal accounts, once they have shipped the item. So, Calling them may be the only way to contact them.

l ) Sellers go on vacations, just like Buyers do. Check to see if they have any listings running. If no, they could be on vacation and cannot respond to emails, My Messages and/or phone calls.

m ) ALWAYS REMEMBER, once a Seller hands your package over to USPS, UPS, FedEx ETC.... he has no control when it will be delivered.

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