How to spot FAKE True Religion Jeans (with pictures)

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True Religion Real Vs. Fake

This guide will help you determine if your True Religion Jeans are real or fake.

The back tag on jeans is one of the easiest way to tell if a pair is fake. The stitching is poor and crooked and not centered. It is sometimes hard to read and is unclear or faded. It is also sometimes smaller than the one on a real pair.

The price tag will always look the same on every pair. As you can see the fake price tag looks unprofessional and nothing like the real one. All True Religions will come with two tags. One showing the price, and another stating that no pair of True Religions is alike, both attached with string.             

Notice the flap on the back pocket. On the fake pair the cut is straight making the flap look triangular. On the real pair the cut is curved and comes to a point. The flaps will always look like this on a real pair. This is one of the easiest ways to tell a fake from an authentic pair. Some newer fakes have a better cut. Check other signs posted in this guide to determine authenticity.

*Note* If your pair does not have the flaps be sure to check the other signs to tell if they are fake.


 Notice that on the fake pair the buddah is small and faded. On the real pair the buddah is bigger and brighter. This is the case for all real pairs of True Religions. The buddah will never fade like it is on the left, no matter how many times you wear or wash your jeans.


Once again there is no curve on the pocket. On this particular fake pair the pocket looks almost square. The flap on the real pair has the same curve as the flaps on the back pockets.


On the Fake pair the stitching on the tag is poorly crafted and off centered. It also contains a different graphic and missing text. The stitching on the real pair is right on the edge and all the text is legible.


If the stitching is falling apart or looks poor on your jeans they are most likely fake. The cheapest pair of True religions is $213. If you see someone selling them on ebay for $59 they are probably fake.

Other Notes:

You cannot buy True Relgions Wholesale
Make sure you ask for more pictures if the seller doesn't have the same angles as above.
Avoid sellers that do not have their own pictures. (showing a model picture or "stock" picture doesnt accurately represent what they are selling)

Hopefully this guide will help you make the right decision. Do not settle for fakes. If you cannot buy the real thing than don't. You are not only hurting the economy by purchasing fake goods, but it is illegal.

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