How to set day date on Bulova Accutron 2182 movement

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How to set the date and day of week on Bulova Accutron 2182 movement In order to fast set the date number, pull out the stem and move hour hand to the position between 10 and 11 pm midnight, (just before the 24 hour time change, just before the date advance) and push in the stem and you can now fast advance the date without resistance. If you feel resistance do not force the date advance. Go around to the 10 - 11 position again, push in the stem and try again, as you may only be at the 12 and not 24 hour position. if you miss it, go around again. Do not force the fast date advance. To fast advance the day of the week, pull the stem out and advance the hour to midnight, after the day changes, back the hour hand (counter clockwise) to the 6 pm position and go back to midnight and repeat as necessary. When backed off enough you should hear a slight click. To assure you are in the correct day date sequence, set the day of the week and date one day prior to what you want to show after setting the correct time. Than in the time set mode (stem pulled out) turn the watch stem so the hands move clockwise and advance the date to the proper day and date. You are now at midnight. Continue to advance to the time you desire. -------------------------- Official Bulova Instructions: Directions for setting the ACCUTRON Day and Date Model I. Follow these instructions in sequence for "first time" setting: Set The Day Of The Week 1. Pull crown "out" when second hand reaches 60 second marker. All hands will stop. 2. Move hands forward until day changes. (This establishes midnight.) 3. Rotate hands backward to approximately 5:30 and then forward until day changes again. 4. Repeat process until proper day appears (disregard the date.) Set The Time 5. With the crown still in "out" position, continue to turn hands forward until minute hand is slightly ahead of desired minute marker; then turn back to this marker. (If setting the watch after 12:00 noon, advance hands an additional 12 hours.) 6. When time standard being used to set watch reaches 60th second, push crown "in." Set The Date 7. With crown in its normal "in" position, turn it clockwise (away from you) to desired date. Note: see above if resistance is felt. Note: The date will advance automatically at midnight, provided a.m. and p.m. have been established (step 2). On the first day of each month, following a month with less than 31 days, advance the date manually. II. The following instructions are for any desired resetting of the time, the date, or the day: To Reset The Time Hands may be turned in either direction. Exact hand synchronization may be achieved as follows: 1. Pull crown "out" when sweep-second hand is exactly at 60 second marker. All hands will stop. 2. Turn hands until minute hand is slightly ahead of desired minute marker; then turn backward to this marker. When time standard, by which you are setting your timepiece, reaches the 60th second push crown "in" (without turning). All hands will start instantly. To Reset or Advance The Date With the crown in normal "in" position, turn it clockwise (away from you) to the desired date. To Reset The Day Follow sequence for "first time" setting. If you liked this instructional, fee free to donate to my paypal account at ralphrides @ (no spaces between @)
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