How to purchase Clove Cigarettes

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Since selling Cigarettes or Tobacco material is strictly prohibited in ebay, I would like to guide you of how to buy Clove Cigarettes from Indonesia.

I have a connection to a seller of various brands of Indonesian-made cigarettes.
The normal price for the famous Djarum Black, Djarum Super 12 (Have the same flavours as Djarum Special)  are $20,00 per carton exclude shipping cost.
Per carton consists of 10 pack of cigarettes each normally contain 12 pcs of cigarettes.
Shipping cost normally take around $23 for each kilograms to US and some major European countries.

For a full list of product catalogue, you can email at: or visit

Becareful when choosing your vendor, some seller might steal your credit card and abuse it or when you are disappointed with the item, the refund will take too long and eventually you will forget about it.
That is why for safety reason, I recommend you to use PayPal instead of direct credit card transfer.

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