How to know your size in Miss Me Jeans and other Low Rise Jeans

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How to know your size in Miss Me low rise jeans.
Miss Me brand jeans run true to actual true high waist size but can vary from style to style - so it is important to also check for the hip range, low rise waist and inseam measurements on the style you like in the size chart in the listing you are purchasing from. If a seller does not have a size chart in their listing, you can 'ask seller a question' and have them give you a few important measurements as discussed below. There is a full size chart further down in all our jean listings ( in the 'Details' area of each listing) with hip range and low rise waist measurements, inseam and rise which are the most important measurements. 

Miss Me jeans in general run by waist size in inches so a size 28 for example would be made for someone with a 28 inch waist in general. If your waist is 28 inches as in this example, I would start there and then look at the rest of the measurements for the size 28 like the hip range to see if this works for you. **Hip range is very important and  this measurement should be taken by the seller from un-stretched to fully comfortably stretched - you must be within the Hip range for the item to fit.**  Your hips are approximately 8 inches below your true high waist. The hip measurement done on the jeans is taken across the front just below the front pockets on the bottom seam of the pockets - first unstretched and then taken comfortably stretched. When we take this measurement of the actual jeans we have them laying flat on the floor facing up with the zipper and button closed.

Another important measurement is the low rise waist measurement. As most Miss Me jeans are 'low rise', they do not go as high as your true high waist. When measuring jeans - the low rise waist measurement is taken across the top of the jeans. On your body, low rise waist is taken 3 inches below your true high waist.

Not all the Miss Me jeans are sized identically the same so always check my chart or ask a seller for the measurements to be 100% sure on the hip measurement & low rise waist. They do not run small but run very true to actual waist size. Please be sure to check the chart & most importantly hip range- unstretched to stretched.

As far as length (inseam measurement) and rise: The inseam measurement is from the area where all the seams of the crotch meet down the inside of one pant leg all the way to the bottom. Rise is from the area where all the seams of the crotch meet straight up the middle to the top.

This guide can be used to buy the right size in any brand low rise jean that has some stretch. Does not only work for Miss Me jeans.

**Special added note 1: If the jeans say: 'Mid Rise' then you would use the same information above, but instead of measuring your low rise waist instead measure your mid rise waist which is 2.5 inches below your true high waist.

**Special added note 2: If the jeans say 'Easy Fit' or 'Relaxed Fit' you will likely be one full size lower than your true high waist size. So for example if your true high waist is 28 inches you are most likely a size 27. All above information is the same but rather than focusing too much on high waist size alone, the hip and low rise waist information are the most important measurements. So for 'Relaxed Easy Fit' styles: Start at the line in the size chart for one size lower than your true high waist and see if the hip range and low rise waist work with your own measurements before buying.

Please measure yourself and other pants that fit you well and let us know if you have any questions. Hope this helps and happy shopping.

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