How to fit a Pandora Compatible Charm on your bracelet?

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You have just purchased your first European Bead off Ebay.  Your package arrives quickly in the mail, you look at your bead and quickly race to find your new bracelet.  Once you get the bracelet in your hand you quickly try to shove the bead onto the bracelet.  You realize that the bead will not fit on your bracelet.  It doesn't fit!  The seller said it fits ________ (you put in your brand of bracelet).

If you've never put a European charm on a Pandora bracelet (or compatible) you may be in for a surprise.  These style bracelets are designed with threads.  The non clasp end has interior threads on it.  There are also interior threads inside the bead.  In order for your bead to fit on your bracelet you need to line up the threads (the bead and the bracelet) and twist the bead onto the bracelet.  It is then that your new bead will fit perfectly...assuming you purchased the correct size and brand bead for your bracelet.

There are many compatible beads out there for European Charm Bracelets.  If you have this Pandora style bracelet, make sure you look for beads that have interior threads.

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