How to find a REAL Madonna autograph

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Many people have asked me, how do you know if a signature is really AUTHENTIC?

Does a Certificate of Authenticity prove what you are buying is indeed signed by the celebrity? Obviously not.

There are many many fake autographs out there on Madonna being sold on ebay on a daily basis. It has gotten so ridiculous that people who are trying to sell the real thing have to compete with frauds!

A. first things first: You need to get familiar with Madonnas REAL signature and style, some times people will sell some of the worst looking forged signings ever. With this knowledge you can at least eliminate the obvious fakes.

B. Whats the deal: Knowing when and where Madonna has made public signings is also very helpful.

Madonna has made very few signings in her career but as of late she has really picked up speed.

1. The first signing she ever did was in early 1983 for her first official 12" vinyl single EVERYBODY warner bros. release at a small nyc record shop called VINYL MANIA. I met with the store owner and he is very friendly, the store is still open today.

2. I just got word of a signing that Madonna did for the LIKE A VIRGIN ALBUM back in 1984, it was done in a store in BROOKLYN, NY. She wore the lace gloves and all made up. I am not sure yet if this is true but if anyone has more details like the name of the store or other information, please post it.

3. Madonna signed at VIRGIN MEGASTORE in LA in 2000 in support of her MUSIC album and signed only the MUSIC CD to fans she greeted them as well.

4. Madonna did a signing in NYC TOWER RECORDS in 2003 and personalized fans memorabillia, esp. American Life albums and flats.

5.Madonna did a signing at NYC's Barnes and Nobles on 5th ave. in 2003 for her book The ENGLISH ROSES. NOTE that all of the books were PRESIGNED. They also had a green sticker on the dust cover that read :AUTOGRAPHED COPY in white letters. Another way to know that you are buying the real thing from the 250 signed books that were handed out is you should get a bracelet from the event in PINK, they were not taken away.

6. Madonna did a book signing at BORDERS in LA, all of the books were PRESIGNED for MR. PEA BODYS apples.

7.Madonna did a signing in LONDON in 2004 for The ADVENTURES of ABDI book at a london shop called Selfridges. All of the books were presigned. however they do not come with any sticker on the dust jacket. She did do a personalized signing for the first 10 or 20 fans.

8. Madonnas most recent book signing was at the BORDERS store in NYCs for LOTSA DE CASHA book . These books were presigned by Madonna on a STICKER, There are two different variations of the sticker: one w/ the lotsa de casha greyhound art surrounding it and the other in a medallion frame. She handed over 250 books to contest winners that day.

9. Madonna  pre-signed a limited amount of LOTSA DE CASHA books for UNICEF, a charity organization that threw a party for the launch of her book on JUNE 7th at Bergdorf Goodmans. Those books were signed in a small white note card with goodman stationary envelope, with an M logo.

Those are all the public signings that madonna has made.

C. Madonna has also been known to be very generous to other charities besides UNICEF and donates signed memorabillia, via her fanclub ICON or other outlets like MTV/Vh1 etc..

D Signed MEMORABILLIA sold by Madonna:

1. For the first time ever, Madonna actually marketed a limited amount of signatures for sale for $1,000 on her Reinvention world tour in 2004. Thats right, 50 framed photos of madonna made up of beads were signed by her. However there is no No. on them to really prove that just a limit of 50 were made. There could have been more done.

2.Steven Klien got in on the act and sold signed xstatic process books w/ Madonnas signature in silver for $1,000 at his studio and on his website in 2004.

3. was authorized by CALLAWAY publishers in 2005 to sell a limited 100 signed Madonna LOTSA DE CASHA books for $195 + tax= $232.00. (they were signed on the inside cover page in black marker)

4. also offered 100 pre-signed ADVENTURES of ABDI books signed by Madonna for $85+tax to its mailing list members the year before (2004)

5. Callaway has  released a limited edition box set of Madonnas childerns books to 1,000. Inside these boxes, contains one hand signed letter by Madonna. Available only at Bergdorf Goodmans and Neimann Marcus.

6. Signed Madonna books were sent to Madonna fans after the falling out of the TOWER SIGNING. Since Madonna left early, in order to make up for the fans who didn't get to meet her after hours of waiting on a line, WBR sent 100 or so signed XSTATIC PROCESS books personalized to fans in GOLD PEN!

7.Then after fans found out about signed books being mailed another 50 or so were shipped to fans in a SILVER marker very similar to the ones that were being sold on STEVEN KLEINS website for $1,000.

8. Callaway released a box set to commemorate the release of the ENGLISH ROSES part 2 "TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE" inside the box madonna signed a letter. Its exclusively sold at for $132.00.Rumored to be limited to 1,000 copies.

F. GET THE REAL DEAL: If you meet madonna try to get an autograph by HER, that is the only way to know that your signed item is infact real .

This guide is written by Jeannie Buxo, no part shall be reproduced w/o permission, if you do get permission to repost this, make sure to put a reference to Jeannie Buxo from Thank you to Axelp for the help
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