How to Remove a Ford Focus Stereo

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How to Remove a Ford Focus Stereo

The Ford Focus is one of the American car brand's most popular models, and many people who drive a Ford Focus enjoy the ability to listen to music in their car via the car's stereo. Drivers who are having trouble with a Ford Focus stereo or who would like to replace the existing stereo for an upgraded stereo, have the ability to do so by removing the stereo from the car. Car owners do not have to bring their Ford Focus into a professional auto shop in order to remove the radio. In fact, it is simple to do on one's own.


1. Acquire Ford DIN Removal Tools

In order to safely and effectively remove a Ford Focus stereo, a person must have the proper tools. Ford has created tools specifically for this purpose, and these tools are called Ford DIN Removal tools. Car owners can purchase Ford DIN removal tools at most car repair shops or purchase them from vendors on eBay. Car owners will need a set of two tools.


2. Insert Ford DIN Removal Tools into Stereo

On either the side of the front of a Ford Focus stereo, there are two holes. Car owners should insert the removal tools into these holes. They should push on the tools firmly to ensure that they lock into place.


3. Grasp the Tools Firmly

In order to begin removal process, car owners must grab the tools firmly in each hand. Then, they should pull each tools towards the outside of the radio and begin to pull.


4. Remove the Radio

Once the removal tools are grasped firmly in each hand, the radio is ready to be removed. Car owners should pull hard on the tools towards themselves, and the radio will begin to slide out of its slot. They should continue to pull until the radio is completely out of the dash.


5. Pull the Radio From the Dash

In order to completely disconnect the radio, car owners must completely remove the radio from the dash so that its back is exposed. Pull the radio completely out of its slot and further, so that the back of the radio and the wires that connect it are exposed.


6. Disconnect the Antenna

Car owners should locate the antenna, located on the right edge of the back of the radio. They should disconnect it by simply gently wiggling and tugging it. It will come off fairly easily.


7. Disconnect the Main Connection

The stereo's main connection is located on the opposite side of the back of the radio from the antenna. To disconnect it, simply push in the trigger located centrally on the connection. Once the trigger is pushed in, the connector will slide out of the back of the stereo.


8. Disconnect the Remaining Connectors

In order to disconnect the remaining two connectors, car owners should repeat the steps they took to remove the main connection. Simply push in the triggers on the side of the two connectors, then unplug them. Once all of the connectors are unplugged, the Ford Focus stereo can be removed and taken out of the car.


How to Buy a Ford Focus Stereo on eBay

Buyers looking to purchase a stereo for a Ford Focus on eBay will find many available from vendors. In order to browse through the selection, shoppers should simply use eBay's search function to type in "Ford Focus Stereo." They can browse through the results of the search, or they can use eBay's filter functions to narrow down results. Some possible filters include condition, price, and more.

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