How to Refurbish a Fuel Injector

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How to Refurbish a Fuel Injector

Your car can not get very far without a working fuel injector. The fuel injector, which replaced the carburetor in vehicle engines in the '80s, is essential to pump fuel to the engine. As with all other car parts, fuel injectors break, wear out, and get dirty over time. Purchase parts and tools you need to repair and refurbish your existing fuel injector at brick and mortar auto stores, or check eBay for low, affordable prices on fuel injector components, cleaners, and everything you need to bring a dying fuel injector back to life and on the road again.

Necessary Components

Sometimes, clogs get into fuel injectors, and they simply require cleaning to refurbish them. To clean a fuel injector, purchase cleaning supplies such as fuel injector cleaner, or a complete fuel injector cleaning kit. Repairing fuel injectors is a bit trickier and requires a bit of car knowledge. You may need to repair the o-rings, or simply use a hammer to unclog a backed up fuel injector. Your fuel injector may need a clean fuel injector filter.

If you cannot seem to figure out how to repair and refurbish your existing fuel injector, you may need to purchase a replacement fuel injector. Attempt all other options before spending money on a new fuel injection system for the vehicle. If you do decide to replace the injector, you need tools such as sockets and wrenches. Always work on the fuel injector in a well ventilated area.

Cleaning a Fuel Injector

Clean a dirty fuel injector with a fuel injector cleaning kit . The kit includes everything you need such as cleaning fluid and additional tools. Before beginning, remove the fuel pump. Use a U-tube to run the gas to the gas tank, and take off the pressure regulator. There should be directions in your vehicle's manual that provide more detail to these steps. Attach the cleaning kit to your car's fuel port. Follow the directions on the cleaning kit for how to attach the hoses to the port for the best results.

Take the fuel tank cap off the tank. This decreases the chance of harmful pressure buildup in the tank. Power the fuel pump off, then turn your engine over and let your car run the cleaner through the fuel pump. The process takes roughly 5 to 10 minutes. Once the fuel injector cleaner fluid has ran its course, put the fuel pump back on, replace the fuel cap and the pressure regulator, and turn your car back on to make sure everything sounds normal.

Repairing a Fuel Injector

Several common issues indicate the need for repairs. For fuel injector leaks, you must repair the o-rings. This ensures the seals are working properly. Replace existing o-rings with new ones. This fixes any small leaks. Remove pressure from the fuel injector by simply removing the fuel cap while the car is cold, then replacing it.

Sometimes when the fuel injector is not working properly it is due to filter clogs. Replace the filter with a new one. Remove the fuel injector filter and install the new filter so the fuel injector continues to work as it should. A cheap and easy DIY fuel injector repair is to use a hammer to remove a clog. Wear safety goggles for protection when you attempt this fix. Hit the fuel injector gently with a hammer at the site of the clog. This should release the blockage. If it does not, the fuel injector may need complete replacement.

Replacing a Fuel Injector

When all else fails and a fuel injector needs to be replaced, the old fuel injector needs to be removed. Wear eye protection and gloves when working with fuel to protect against fire hazards. Remove the fuel injector using a tool called a fuel injector puller. Disconnect the fuel lines, rails, and wiring carefully and disconnect these items from the injector. Remove the fuel injector plugs with a screwdriver. Then, use the puller to remove the injector.

Reverse this process when you put in the new fuel injector. However, you must lubricate the seals before installing the injector. Connect the rails and blocks properly. Use your vehicle manual as a guide if needed. Turn the vehicle on to make sure it is running correctly.

Types of Fuel Injector Systems

Fuel injector systems are not the same across the board; there are a few different types of injectors. When you decide to refurbish, repair, or replace your injector, it is helpful to know what type of injector you are dealing with.

Type of Injector System

Injector System Features

Single Point

Less costly

Older type of injector


More precise than single point


A type of multi-point injector

Advanced and efficient


Works in conjunction with the chambers directly

The most precise type of injector; increases engine performance

Single point fuel injection systems are the least efficient type, delivering fuel in a less economic way than direct fuel injection systems. Used in diesel vehicles and becoming more common in newer, energy efficient vehicles, a direct injector is the best type of fuel injection system.

How to Buy Fuel Injector Components on eBay

Car repair is never fun and rarely cheap, but doing it yourself saves money spent on labor at an auto repair shop. Search for Daily Deals on eBay for the lowest prices on everything needed for car repair, including a fuel injector cleaning kit. Key in specific search terms or browse auto repair components to gather everything you need to repair and restore your fuel injector. Leave feedback for your seller once you have completed your transaction.

Fuel injectors break down as all other car parts do, and if you keep an eye on your vehicle, it is likely you may notice a problem before it gets out of hand or too difficult to fix, requiring a replacement fuel injector.

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