How to Program a New Car Remote Key

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How to Program a New Car Remote Key

Car remote keys are a great convenience for car owners. This little piece of technology enables drivers to unlock their car doors with the simple click of a button. Years ago, car doors could only be unlocked by inserting the key into the lock on the door handle. Today, most vehicles come standard with remote keys. However, there may come a time when the remote must be reprogrammed or a newly purchased car remote key will need to be programmed in order to sync with the vehicle's door locks properly. Remote keys can be programmed by car dealerships or can easily be done at home by the vehicle's owner.


Car Remote Key Basics

Car remote keys work by communicating with the locks in the specific car by using unique radio signals. In order to communicate with these locks, the remote key must be programmed and synced with the locks in the car. The remote key itself and the car have memory chips built inside of them that allow the key to work. When either the lock or unlock button is pressed on the remote, it sends a signal to the car with instructions on which action should be taken. In addition to locking and unlocking the car doors, the remote key must also be able to unlock the trunk or open the trunk window. Programming is required for the car to recognize the codes that the remote key is sending.

Unprogrammed Car Remote Keys

While most cars are sold with remote keys already programmed to the vehicle, there are instances where the remote may need to be reprogrammed or replaced with another key. One of the most common reasons remotes will need to be programmed is simply because they become unprogrammed accidentally. The remote control key can become unprogrammed due to an error within the remote. For example, some keys are set to reset themselves if the key is pressed a certain amount of times while out of range of the vehicle. This is a safeguard against theft, but curious children or sheer accident can cause the key to wipe its settings. When this happens, the remote will need to be reprogrammed to the car.

Lost Car Remote Keys

If a car remote key is lost, destroyed, or stolen, it may need to be replaced if the owner does not have a spare. Blank and universal keys, which are not branded or programmed, are available. For these remote keys to work when locking and unlocking the doors, they will first need to be synced to the vehicle. Remote keys are also available from dealerships, but this is typically an unnecessary expense.


Basic Programming Instructions

Programming a unique key can be done by the car owner with ease. The exact programming instructions for the key will depend on the make and model of the vehicle. However, these basic instructions work on the majority of vehicles.

The car owner will need to be seated inside of the vehicle to begin programming their new car remote key. This step is actually another security feature. Being able to program the key from outside of the car could result in thefts. Once the owner is seated inside of the vehicle, they will want to insert their key into the ignition and turn to the on position. The vehicle should not be started. Depending on the make and model of the car, this action may need to be completed several times in order to bring the vehicle into its programming mode. When the car is in program mode, the owner may be notified with blinking lights or an indicator light that appears on their console. With the car in program mode, the button that needs to be programmed on the remote should be pressed. Once complete, the ignition can be switched to the off position. The buttons on the remote should now be programmed properly.


Finding New Car Remote Keys on eBay

Those who find themselves in need of a new car remote key may find eBay to be especially helpful. This convenient buying and selling website offers many different options. By using the search bar, shoppers are able to search for universal and blank car remote keys that can easily be programmed to their car in just minutes. General search terms, such as "car remote keys," can be used to find remote key listings while more specific terms, such as "Ford car remote keys," will provide more precise results. Other specifications can be made to the search including price range, listing ending time, and more for the shopper's convenience.

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