How to Install a Panasonic Wireless LAN Adapter

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How to Install a Panasonic Wireless LAN Adapter

When it comes time to set up the ideal wireless home theater system, choosing the right individual components ensures their proper function as an entertainment unit. While many different makes and models of key products such as smart TVs and wireless TV adapters exist, the fact that they come from different manufacturers compromises their potential compatibility. Rather than worry, buyers relying on a single manufacturer such as Panasonic rest easily knowing that their separate components are designed with mutual functionality in mind. Consumers interested in employing devices such as a Panasonic wireless LAN adapter should first familiarize themselves with the technical specifications necessary to do so, as well as the steps it takes to make such a system operate properly.


Ensure Device Compatibility

When building the perfect Panasonic home theater system, simply sticking to the brand name is not enough to guarantee the products can work together. Different generations of products and varying system specifications mean that an item designed to function with one set of products might not be powerful enough, or might be too powerful, to interact with a similar yet slightly different offering from the same company. The chart provides the customer installing the Panasonic DY-WL10 wireless LAN adapter a thorough list of what devices he or she can combine it with.


Type of Panasonic Device

Model Number

















Blu-ray Player







Home Theater System






By checking against the list, buyers can ensure that their purchase of a Panasonic wireless LAN adapter is compatible. Considering the wide selection of models available across a line of entertainment products as diverse as the LCD and plasma TVs of the Panasonic Viera line, Panasonic Blu-ray players in both standard and 3D-compatible models, and home sound systems, some confusion is inevitable. Taking the time to consult the list and make sure that each bit of the system works with every other piece saves the buyer both the time and effort of fixing future problems, and well as the expenses incurred along the way.


Installing the Panasonic Wireless LAN Adapter

With all the compatible components now selected, collected, and assembled, the buyer's next step in achieving a wireless home entertainment system is actually installing the adapter itself. While it is possible to install the device via the listed Blu-ray players and stereo systems, the most common way to do so is through a television.

Check Wireless Connection

The buyer should first check his or her own home Internet connection to make sure it is functioning properly. While it is possible to check the network using another network-enabled device such as a computer, the buyer can also inspect the wireless LAN router to make sure that it is in service.

Turn On Television

Using a remote control, the buyer first must turn on the power to the television.

Plug In Adapter

On the side of the television, there is a USB port. Uses should plug the adapter into the port, ensuring a snug fit.

Access Settings Menu

Again using the remote control, consumers should first press the Menu button to bring up a set of selections. They can then scroll through the selections menu by pressing the up and down arrows on the remote to highlight different options. They should then select the Settings option as indicated by the wrench icon. From there, buyers can scroll down and select the Network Settings option, and then the Network Connection option on the next menu. They can then click the OK button on the WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup).

Set Up Router

Users can then initiate the Wi-Fi Protected Setup by either holding down the button on the router itself or accessing the option through its utility setup menu in order to set up a network between the router and the wireless LAN adapter. A dialog box should appear on the television, first indicating that a connection is being attempted and then confirming the connection. This should complete the setup process.


How to Buy a Panasonic Wireless LAN Adapter on eBay

From any page on eBay, use the search bar to locate a Panasonic wireless LAN adapter. For buyers looking to save by purchasing used or refurbished items, the available navigation offers the opportunity to refine the search to sellers advertising these sorts of products. In addition to the condition of the products for sale, you can find additional information on sellers, including their rating as determined by their previous clients.

Investing in electronics might seem to be a daunting undertaking, but the wide selection of products offered by reliable sellers on eBay affords buyers the maximum number of choices for building their ideal home entertainment system. 

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