How to Find Antique Books to Decorate Your Home

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How to Find Antique Books to Decorate Your Home

If you want a vintage touch in your home, you should consider using antique books as decorative accents. For example, you can tuck antique books on top of shelves or windows, or use them to create unique do-it-yourself (DIY) art projects. While you can scour antique or thrift shops for antique books, searching around can be very time consuming. For a more efficient purchasing experience, you can choose from the wide selection of antique books on eBay. Before buying, you should learn about how to what factors affect antique book pricing and get some decorating ideas so that you spend your money wisely.

Learn Some Basics about Antique Books

There are many types of antique books. Some rare books may have significant monetary value, while other vintage books may have purely cosmetic appeal. In general, an "antique" is more than 100 years old. When searching for true antiques, collectors typically adhere to that date range. However, if you are focusing more on aesthetic appeal, you may want to pay more attention to look and feel instead of age or value of the collectible.

Some collectors focus on a topic, such as a favorite hobby or a specific period of history. Others choose books that fit with a room's color scheme or decorating style. Another great idea is selecting books that tie into the purpose of each room, such as decorating a kitchen withold cookbooks, or a kids' playroom with vintage children's books.

Find Out What Factors Affect Antique Books' Value

If you are an avid bibliophile or literary aficionado, you may want to collect books that portray your love of the written word and add style to your home. Without question, understanding what factors affect antique book prices is an important pre-purchase step.




Older books typically cost more

First Edition

First printing of a book

Most sought-after by book collectors

Often indicated on the copyright page with a label such as, First Printing, First Published, or First Impression

Author Reputation

First books by well-known authors often have more value

Popular books by popular authors tend to have lower value


Authentic signature by author significantly boosts value

Falsified signatures may detract from value


Old books are seldom in perfect condition

Water damages, stains, and ripped pages diminish book value

After building a collection of antique books, you may want to display your treasured book collection somewhere special. A display case or in a home office or study are good options.

Know How to Decorate with Antique Books

There are many ways to add vintage books to your home decor, without spending money on rare books. For example, you can stack books with coordinating color schemes and top them with complementary decorative items to create attractive vignettes. If you have a large collection of books on a bookshelf, you can create visual appeal with different stacking configurations and by leaning books in varied directions. For a streamlined look, create look-alike arrangements on different shelf levels and fill in spaces with complementary accents. Knowing how and where you want to display your antique books can help you find the right ones for your environment.

Discover Antique Book DIY Project Ideas

If you are creative, you can find many ideas to make furniture or decorations with antique books. In fact, you may find uses for vintage books in poor condition. One idea is creating shelving using antique books as supportive columns. Stacks of antique books topped with a board can become unique shelf or coffee table.

Crafty individuals who love to upcycle may want to use their antique books to create something new. You can frame pages containing compelling old artwork or photography to create a thematic motif on your walls. With a clock kit, you can transform a vintage book into a clock. You can combine a 15-watt bulb and an old book to create a lamp in a cozy corner. Add some glue and an L bracket to a thick volume, such as an old textbook, and affix it on a wall as shelf. Let imagination be your guide when seeking out antique books for decorating.

How to Buy Antique Books on eBay

Book collectors and decorating aficionados know that eBay is a great resource for antique books. You can find rare antique books, subject-specific old books, and vintage books you can use in DIY projects. If you have never shopped on eBay before, getting started is extremely simple. Click on eBay page and type a few relevant keywords into the provided search bar. You can start with a general search, such as " antique books," to get the broadest results set. For a more focused search, you can use eBay's built-in advanced search tool. Always check out prior purchaser comments to make sure you are dealing with a reputable seller before you buy. By using these smart eBay shopping tips, you can start building an antique book collection and add vintage flair to your home.

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