How to Choose the Right Size Eyeglass Frames

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Eyeglass Frames How to Choose the Right Size Eyeglass Frames

Are you planning on buying some new eyeglass frames? If so, you will need to know how to size them. Unlike other accessories, eyeglass frames are not one size fits all. Instead, you will need to take a series of measurements in order to ensure that the eyeglass frames you choose will fit your face. If they don't, you may experience a lot of pain and discomfort; however, before you can even begin sizing your new glasses, there are some things that you will need to understand about how eyeglass frames come together. There is much more to it than a simple size.

What Goes Into a Frame Size

With all eyeglasses, there are four different numbers that make up the size. When all of these numbers match the size of your face, the eyeglass frames will fit perfectly. All sizes are in millimeters.

Basic Frame Size

Description of Frame Size

Eye Size

When it comes to frames, the eye size isn't referring to the size of your own eyes; it is a description of the eyes of the frames, or where the lenses are.

Bridge Size

The bridge size is the number that represents the distance between the eyes of the glasses. It is measured from the closest points.

Temple Size

The temple size is the measurement from the front of the eyeglass frame back to the end of the arm. This will generally be the largest number.

Vertical Size

The vertical size is the measurement of the eyeglasses from top to bottom. In other words, it is the height of the eyeglasses.

Finding the Size of Your Current Eyeglass Frames

Most of the eyeglasses and sunglasses on the market will show some type of size info on the frames themselves; however, over time, the lettering can wear away. This can be the easiest way to choose the right size for a new pair of glasses, especially if your own frames fit well. In order to find the size, you will want to look on the inside of the temple part of the frames, and if the numbers aren't there, some manufacturers will put the size on the underside of the bridge. If these numbers aren't printed or they have worn away, you can take the measurements on your own by using a ruler of some kind, just make sure it measures in millimeters, and when putting the numbers together, they should be in order: eye size, bridge size, and temple size. Most of the time, the vertical size will not be printed on the frames, and some glasses, such as vintage frames, may not mention any size at all. When buying vintage frames, you may need to take extra precautions or contact the seller to get a more accurate idea of the glasses' size.

Measuring Yourself for Frames

If you don't have an older pair of frames or if you feel as if your old frames don't fit correctly, you can certainly measure for frames on your own. In order to do this, you will need a mirror as well as a small ruler. Again, make sure any ruler you use measures in millimeters, as that is the measurement that is used for eyeglass sizes.

When you take your measurements, you will want to face the mirror and place the ruler right at your temples, across your face. This will put the ruler right below your eyes. You will want to measure from your right temple to your left in order to get the right measurement. This will give you the width of your face and will also be the width of the frame that will fit. Now that you know this width, you should feel free to choose frames that are within 3 mm, more or less, from your measured width.

Because most eyeglass frames will not mention the width when it comes to the size, you will need to ascertain one more calculation in order to be sure you are getting the right frames for your face. If you have found a frame you like, take the eye size and multiply that by two. Add that number to the bridge size and that is the total width. If that width is within 3 mm over or under, those chosen frames should fit you perfectly.

Choose the Right Frame Shape for Your Face

Now that you know how to find the right size frames, many people wonder about the right shape, and you may, too. Depending on the shape of your face, some frames will look better on you than others. When shopping for frames, it is important that you consider the shape of your face just as you would the size of your face.

Square Face

If you have a square face or one with a square jaw line and deep forehead, you are quite lucky because most frames will look great on you. Men with this shape always look good in aviators, and women with this shape look good in oval or round frames. The frames you should stay away from are those with square or rectangle shapes.

Oval Face

For those with an oval face or a face that is longer than it is wide, many shapes will suit your face perfectly. You just want to make sure that your frames are not much wider than the widest part of your face. Square and angled eyeglass frames will look great on you.

Round Face

If you have a round face or a face that has a rounded jaw line and full cheeks, you will be a bit more limited. You will certainly want to stay away from eyeglasses that are completely round as they will make your face look rounder. Instead, choose frames that have brow bars, which will help your face to look longer, or frames that are rimless. Rectangle frames also look quite good on a person with a round face.

Triangle Face

A person who has a triangle face, or one that is more narrow at the jaw line and wider at the forehead, will benefit from a round or a square frame. You should avoid any frame that is triangular in shape or any frame that is larger at the top than the bottom.

Buying Eyeglass Frames on eBay

If you are looking for eyeglass frames, buying them on eBay is a great choice. You will have thousands of options available, and you can take the frames right to your own optometrist for lenses. All of the eyeglass frames listed on eBay should have the sizes listed in the description to help you find what you need easier. As long as you have your sizes available, you should be able to find the right frames.

As with any purchase on eBay, you will want to make sure that you are taking a look at the feedback of the seller and looking to see if they are well respected and liked by people who have purchased from them in the past. Another thing that you will want to pay attention to when looking for eyeglass frames on eBay is the shipping and return policy. Don't buy unless you can adhere to those.

Finally, if you are interested in buying designer frames, make sure they are 100 percent authentic. You may be able to get a certificate stating that fact. You don't want to spend a lot of money on a designer frame if the frames aren't truly made by a designer.


By wearing eyeglasses, you are sharing a bit of your personality and yourself with the world. The eyeglass frames you choose are a real reflection of who you are and can be a wonderful way to express yourself; however, if these frames don't fit correctly, not only will they be uncomfortable to wear, they will probably not look right either. Now that you know a bit about measuring and sizing eyeglass frames as well as what type of frame will look best with your personal face shape, there is no reason not to start shopping for frames today.

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