How to Buy a Filtered Water Bottle

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How to Buy a Filtered Water Bottle

When it comes to purchasing a water bottle, more and more people are turning to the filtered water bottle as their choice. Filtered water bottles offer a whole host of advantages when compared to more traditional options for water bottles. On top of all of that, the price for these types of water bottles has come down dramatically over recent years, so they are now more affordable than ever. Buyers can find filtered water bottles on eBay that are beneficial to their health as well as affordable for their wallet.

How the Filtered Water Bottle Works

A filtered water bottle is equipped with its own filtration system, and there are two basic designs. One design filters the water as it enters the water bottle while the other design filters the water as it exits the water bottle to be consumed. It is, in effect, a portable personal water filtration system.

Typically the water is filtered with a small carbon filtration system that is suspended from the mouth of the water bottle. As water enters or exits the water bottle, the water will flow over the carbon particles, which remove contaminants and impurities using a chemical absorption process.

Most water filtration systems for water bottles are just a one-stage filtration system. What this means is that the impurities are absorbed from the water just once as they pass through the system. One-stage filtration systems are only designed to filter water that has already been purified. It cannot and should not be used to filter any unsanitary water because this filtration system does not guarantee that it will remove all of the harmful bacteria and microbes.

Another thing to keep in mind is that most water filters are incapable of filtering out fluoride, a compound that is found in some drinking water. It is added to the water treatment process, but over the years more and more people have had negative feelings about the added fluoride in the water. There will be the same amount of fluoride in the water as it passes through the water filter.

What a Filtered Water Bottle Is Made Of

The goal of most people, besides having clean drinking water, is to use the filtered water bottles in place of regular, store-bought bottled water. This reduces waste and keeps the environment cleaner. Take things a step further and look for filtered water bottles that are made of recycled materials. This will help to lessen the environmental footprint even more.

The plastic should also be made of material that is free of Bisphenol A, or BPA. This is an organic compound that is used to make certain plastics and epoxy resins. This compound makes plastic components very tough and durable. In recent years, BPA has been questioned for its safety in the use of containers consumer food and beverage products. There have been some studies that have show that BPA exhibits hormone-like properties and may not be suitable for consumption. Today, most food and beverage-related containers are made BPA free,, but always check to make sure.

Replacing the Filter in a Filtered Water Bottle

One of the many wonderful things about using a filtered water bottle versus a store bought bottle of water is the number of consumed bottles that are eliminated. Most filters will filter up to three hundred bottles of water before they have to be replaced. That is an equivalent of about 40 gallons, or 150 liters. Each filtered water bottle will come with a manual that suggests how often the filter should be replaced. Under normal consumption, a person should look to replace the filter every couple of months. Always stock up on replacement water filters so that they are always on hand when needed.

Choosing the Right Size

Filtered water bottles come in all sizes. They are available in small 12-ounce sizes up to quart sizes and bigger. To choose the right size, just think about the situation in which the filtered water bottle will be used. If the filtered water bottle is to be used at the gym or during outdoor sports, then it is suggested that a person carry at least the quart size with them. If the filtered water is needed for grab and go in the car, then a smaller filtered water bottle is appropriate. Some people actually choose several different sizes so that they have the right sized filtered water bottle for the right occasion.




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Benefits of a Filtered Water Bottle

The biggest benefit of a filtered water bottle is the cost. Although there is more of an upfront cost for the filtered water bottle versus the cost of an average bottle of water, when you factor this over the lifetime of the filtered water bottle, it is easy to see the cost savings it provides.

Another benefit of the filtered water bottle is its environmental impact. All of a sudden, hundreds, if not thousands, of empty plastic water bottles are removed from the environment. This greatly reduces a person's environmental impact.

The third benefit is the convenience that a filtered water bottle offers. All a person has to do is fill up the filtered water bottle from any tap whenever they need water on the go. The installed filter ensures that filtered water is always on hand, and there is no need to have to stop at the store for a bottle of water.

Saving Money on Filtered Water Bottles

In addition to saving money from not having to purchase bottles of water, there are more ways to save a little extra money when purchasing filtered water bottles. The first thing to consider is the shipping costs. Most sellers will charge a base amount for the shipment of the filtered water bottle. Look for shipping discounts on the purchase multiple filtered bottles of water. Some sellers will offer a per unit discount, flat rate discount, or even free shipping if a buyer purchases multiple filtered water bottles.

A second thing to look for is bundled discounts. This is where a seller might offer a discount for purchasing both the filtered water bottle as well as multiple replacement filters. The replacement filters will be needed anyway, so go ahead and get the savings ahead of time. That also means that replacement filters will always be on hand when needed. In addition, some items, such as bicycle water bottle holders,, come with the bottle, so buyers do not need to purchase multiple items.

The third way to save money on filtered water bottles is with bulk discounts. Not all sellers will offer such a discount, but it is always worth asking. There may be a requirement to purchase a certain amount of filtered water bottles first in order to receive any kind of a bulk discount.


The benefits of purchasing a filtered water bottle far outweigh the upfront cost you may find when shopping for one. When you consider the overall savings over time as well as the lessened impact on the environment, filtered water bottles are an excellent choice. And since they are in high demand, shoppers will notice lower prices when shopping on eBay..

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