How to Buy Used Electronic Fence Systems for Your Dog

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How to Buy Used Electronic Fence Systems for Your Dog

Electronic dog fences are designed to keep pets inside the yard, or a designated area. The most popular systems have a specialized collar that shocks the dog when it wanders outside of its permitted area. Through repetition and training, the dog soon learns what areas it has to stay in, and the dog rarely get shocked again. For owners who live outside of the city or those with large yards, using an electronic system is more affordable than building a fence. Electronic fences, also called invisible fences, can even help contain dogs who are escape artists and manage to climb over or dig their way under a fence.

Before purchasing a fence, owners should consider several things. For example, there are pros and cons to using the invisible containment systems, there are different types of electronic fences, there are numerous places to shop for them, and there are ways that pet owners can find them used to save money.

How to Save on Electronic Fence Systems

There is no doubt that owning pets can be expensive. Their food, vet visits, medication, toys, and sometimes the damage they cause are expenses that add up quickly. Most electronic fence systems will not break the bank, but they are still an extra cost that some families cannot afford. What most people do not realize is that these systems can be found used. There are a lot of people who have used the fences for a short period of time and then no longer need them for a variety of reasons such as due to a move or the loss of their pet. Regardless, used systems are far less expensive than brand new ones.

Types of Electronic Fence Systems

Responsible pet owners have to ensure that their dogs remain within the confines of their homes and yards. Electronic fence systems are a means to keep dogs contained without spending a fortune or blocking any views with a structural fence. The following are three types of electronic fences that owners can consider.

Global Position System

GPS invisible fences track when a dog is inside the wireless perimeter that was set up by the owners. The collar has a tracking device in it and the owner has a handheld receiver that tracks the whereabouts of the dog. When the pet leaves the perimeter the handheld receiver issues a warning sound to alert the owner and then tracks where the dog is. Some collars will shock the dog as well.

Underground Wire

An underground wire system uses a buried wire that is placed around the perimeter of the yard or area where the dog is to be contained. When the dog crosses over the wire, it is shocked.


Wireless units send out a signal that extends from the unit in a circular shape. The size of the circle is up to the owner and the device model. When the dog leaves the signal area, it is shocked.

Before deciding on a fence, pet owners should fully understand the pros and cons of each type of invisible containment system.

The Pros and Cons of Different Fences

There is no such thing as a perfect fence for pets. Whether it's the cost or the consequences, each fence has its drawbacks. Consider the following information on the five types of fences.

Type of Fence




Customizable to the size and shape of the yard, invisible, affordable, and keeps pets in the yard

Installation requires burying a wire and checking with the city to find out where buried pipes are; has the potential to malfunction; the collar is not interchangeable and could possibly hurt the dog

No Shock GPS

Customizable to the size and shape of the yard, invisible, and makes locating lost pets easy

The cost is high, the system does not keep the dog in the yard, and the collar is not interchangeable

GPS with Shock

Customizable to the size and shape of the yard, invisible, makes locating lost pets easy, and keeps pets in the yard

Has the potential to malfunction and is expensive; collar is not interchangeable and could possibly hurt the dog


Keeps pets safe without shocking them

Blocks views and is expensive


Easy to install, invisible, affordable, and keeps dogs in the yard

Not customizable to the shape of the yard and has the potential to malfunction; collar is not interchangeable and could possibly hurt the dog

All the pros and cons of the fencing should be taken into consideration before making a purchase. Perhaps the biggest drawback on all invisible fences is that they do not prevent other animals from coming into the area. The system only works on pets that are wearing the right collars. This means that if another animal wanders into the area the dog could get attacked or vice versa.

Buried Fence Preparation

Before ordering the buried system, pet owners need to understand the preparation and installation requirements. The wiring for this type of fence is sold based on the amount that the family needs, so measure the perimeter of the space and mark where the wire will be buried. Once the area is fully marked, call in the utility companies to make sure there are no underground gas or electric wires that would be in the path of the digging areas.

Extra Features for Protection

Those who choose to use an invisible fence can take extra precautionary measures to keep the system running and protect their pet.

Lightning Protection

Both the wired and wireless systems operate using electric fields. Lightning strikes can make the system malfunction as well as unnecessarily shock the dog. The transmitters for the systems can be protected from shocks simply by plugging them into a surge protector, rather than directly into the wall. However, during lighting storms, there is still static electricity that builds up in the air that could trigger the collar and shock the dog. If is safest to remove the collar during lightning storms.

Battery Back-Up

If a storm takes out the electricity, invisible fences will fail. Keep a battery back up source available in case this happens.

Line Break Warning

The buried wires run on a continuous loop, meaning that a signal is constantly being sent and received by the control device. If the buried wire is broken, it will cease to operate. Some systems come with an added feature that emits a warning sound if the electrical loop has failed. Without the warning sound, owners won't know of the issue until they realize that their dog is gone.

Where to Find Used Electronic Fence Systems

Invisible fencing systems can be found brand new at pet stores for full price. Finding them used locally is very rare unless shoppers happen to stumble upon one at a garage sale or know someone that is selling theirs. One solution is to go to the eBay auction website. People from all over the country can list their fence systems for sale on eBay which means that buyers have a much larger selection of used invisible fences to browse through. This gives shoppers more choices. The large number of items also allows shoppers to compare prices and choose the ones that are within their budget or that are the better deal. If the product is listed in an auction format, shoppers can bid how much they want to pay for the device and then wait to see if they've won the auction.

How to Shop for Used Electronic Fence Systems on eBay

To begin shopping on eBay, start from the homepage and enter in the search phrase of what you are looking for. For example, type in "invisible fence" or "pet GPS." Then you can begin browsing through the items for sale. The next step is to customize the search so that it only shows the pre-owned items. Find the Condition section and click on Used. You can also enter in your price range and sort the listings based on the highest or lowest prices. This will allow you to find the best deals first rather than sifting through all the products.


A way to contain pets is necessary no matter what form is used. Without it, pets can wander freely and can end up getting lost or killed. Dogs don't purposely run away, it is just their nature to explore and they do not understand the dangers of leaving their home. Because of this, when owners commit to adopting a dog into their lives, they must also commit to giving it the proper care that it needs, including a fence or enclosure system. Invisible fences are convenient because they do not take up space, nor are they unsightly. Some owners are worried about the shock that their dogs receive, but manufacturers guarantee that this method of containment is both effective and safe.

With the several types of electronic fencing systems available, people can choose the one that best meets their needs and those of their pets. If owners use the information provided in this guide, they can easily find what they need to keep their dog safe in the yard.

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