How to Bid and Win

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I enjoy looking on eBay and finding auctions that I want or need - and it is exciting to finally sit down and try to WIN the auction.  BUT there is nothing more frustrating to find that GREAT DEAL and have it slip out of your fingers never to be found again!  I've been there and learned some simple techniques to prevent this from happening.  Here you go:

1.  Wait... Wait... Wait... 

The first thing that you should do when you find the auction that you want to do is Wait!  I know, I know - you want it soooo bad, and you just got to bid on it now.  BUT if you bid on it now, you've just decreased your chances of getting it later.  The best time that I've found to bid on your item is within 10 seconds of auction close!!!  This might seem crazy, but bear with me... If you bid now, then you have just given yourself up.  Others can see that you have bid and now have a chance to bid higher.  If you wait until less than 10 seconds, then you will not give any other bidders a chance to react to your bid and your chances of winning will Greatly increase.  But this will only work if you also do tip #2:

2.  Pick your MAX amount of $$$ than you want to spend.

If you that item that you just got to Have, then pick the max you would want to spend in advance, say $25.00 and make your maximum amount just a few cents more - say $25.14.  This way, if someone else has decided that they also will only spend $25, you will still have them beat.  Most eBay bids are whole dollar amounts - our minds just automatically think that way.  BUT You would be amazed at the auctions that I have won with just a few cents.  ** If you think the auction will only go for $15, then GREAT, but still use $25.14 as your max.  You will still get that auction for the $15 hopefully, but if it goes up to $17, then you will still win with your $25.14 bid.

3. USE TWO Browser Windows to win the auction.

Open one browser window and adjust the size to make it half of your screen, and open up the exact same auction on the other half of the screen.  Then use one window to go ahead and put in that MAX amount that you have decided on plus a few cents, and go ahead and push "Place Bid".  On the "CONFIRM BID" screen, STOP!  Now just use the other browser window on the other side of your screen to monitor the auction status.  So you just continue to hit the "refresh" button in the browser window until you get until the LAST 10 SECONDS... 10..... 9...... 8..... and click CONFIRM!!  You can even wait until 3....2...1..., but you got to be careful.  Sometimes that click can take a second or two to go through.

SO you put it all together and here's what you do:

Sit down 10 minutes before the end of your auction that you are going to WIN..  Open up your two browser windows and bring up the same auction twice.  Go ahead and bid and wait at the Bid confirmation page on one window.  And watch the other window and wait.... wait.... wait... ready to pounce when it gets down below 10 seconds and hit CONFIRM!! and I almost guarantee you that the auction will be yours.  I have used the method many, many times and have won EVERY time.  If you try this and it works for you, feel free to send me a message about your VICTORY!   GOOD LUCK! 

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