How When & Why To Retract a Bid - Don't Ask the Seller!

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How When & Why To Retract Your Bid
If you have bid on the wrong item, bid too much, or just simply changed your mind, you can retract your bid without any penalty or disgrace, but you should do so as soon as possible to be fair to the vendor.

Cancelling Your Bid
Ebay realise that buyers sometimes make mistakes when placing bids. For this reason they provide a simple way for bidders to retract a bid. Making a mistake does not make you a bad person, and the most sensible course of action is to correct your mistake as soon as possible.

How To Retract Your Bid
From the Ebay item listing, click on the link marked:
  History: xxx bids (£0.99 starting bid) (or similar).
  You will find another link marked
  Bidders: You can retract your bid under certain circumstances only.

Follow the procedure, and you will have successfully retracted your bid. Most vendors will not think the worse of you, in fact they will probably never notice, we almost certainly would not.

Or, Use This eBay Link:
Bid Retraction Form

Either way, you will be asked to give a reason, from the following choices:
Entered wrong amount
Seller changed the description of the item
Cannot contact the seller

Will This Harm My Feedback Rating?
Although it is not our job to educate and train ebay buyers, (that's what ebay's help system is for), we publish this advice here to clarify our view.
No, retracting a bid will not harm your feedback rating. Most sellers will not even notice, and any reasonable ones would appreciate you correcting your error as soon as possible.
What does happen though, is that a "bid retractions" line gets added to your feedback page. This simply shows how many bid retractions you have made in the past 6 months. Our guess is that this is to stop people abusing the retraction facility to discover their competitors' bids. If you were to make a habit of frequent cancellations, it would not look good, although we do not know whether or how Ebay monitor your number of retractions. As they disappear from view after six months, it makes no permanent difference to your record.

Don't Try To Shift Your Responsibility
Please do not e-mail or contact the seller to ask us to him to cancel your bid. you made the mistake, you should correct it. It is unfair and unreasonable to expect other people to correct your errors for you.
We don't know about other sellers, but it's a full time job for us and our staff just to keep up with processing, packing and shipping items sold. We do not always have the time to respond to all e-mails instantly. If you e-mail a seller expecting him to correct your error for you there is a danger he may not see your e-mail, or be able to respond to it, in time.
If you fail to retract to bid before the auction ends, you should not be surprised if the seller is unhappy with you, and decides that because you failed to retract your bid before the end of the auction, you deserve negative feedback.

Sellers Can Cancel Bids, But...
Sellers can also remove bids, although as explained above, we do not see why those who mess up on their bidding should expect other people to have to clean up their mess for them.
One non-buying bidder asked us to cancel a sale after it had completed. We are always reluctant to do so, for a number of reasons.
Firstly it should be the sellers responsibility to ascertain what he is bidding on, the amount of his bid, what currency he is bidding in, and all other aspects of his bidding.
Secondly it is always possible for the buyer to correct his own mistake by retracting his bid providing he notices his error before the auction ends.
Thirdly, it has deprived us of a sale.
Fourthly it has deprived the underbidders their chance of making a purchase, and wasted their time. They may have wanted the item before a particular date, perhaps as a gift. For whatever reason, many bidders do not return to bid on a repeat listing.
Fifthly, Ebay do not like sales to be cancelled, as they lose commission. Some dishonest buyers and sellers get together privately to complete the deal without Ebay's knowledge and participation. This behaviour is probably fraudulent and illegal, it is certainly unethical. Any sellers, and buyers, who repeatedly agreed to cancel sale may come under suspicion by eBay of avoiding paying their commissions. Please do not ask to to participate in any actions or behaviour which may risk unfairly placing others under such suspicion.

eBay Help - Bid Retractions
This explains eBay's views including:.
Bid carefully - retractions are rarely allowed
Exceptional Circumstances Only
Timing Matters
How to Retract a Bid
To retract a bid, use the Bid Retraction form (we have already provided a link to this above.

Bidding Offences - About 'Shill' Bidding, 'Bid Shielding', & More
This is an eBay help page explaining about bidding offenses, etc.

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