Guide to Lionel Train 1805 Land-sea and Air Gift Pack

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The 1805 Land-sea and Air gift pack by lionel trains is one of the most highly sought after trains sets to date.  The following guide is meant to provide the collector with basic information on purchasing orginal pieces that comprise this set.  In closing commentary on other olive drape pieces will also be discussed.

The set box itself is very rare to find in any condition. Now add the insert & tags to the box and you have a great item.

The 1805 set consists of five [5] pieces;

  1. 45 USMC Mobile Missile launcher
  2. 3820 Flatcar with Operating Submarine with 3830 Submarine
  3. 3429 USMC Helicopter Launching Car with USMC helicopter
  4. 6640 USMC Missile Launching Car
  5. 6824 USMC First Aid Medical Car

These five pieces complete that standard kit.  We will discuss each in detail along with photos of each piece.   This set was produced n 1960 only.  The orginal cost of the set was $35.00


45 USMC Mobile Missile Launcher:


this unit came into production for 3 years starting in 1960.  10 steps are present with this unit along with a blue man & plastic instrument panel.  Four white rockets that fired one after the other manually were also present. The 45 only came in olive drape color with white heat-stamped lettering. This engine was offered for sale in cataloged and uncataloged sets during the years 1960 through 1962. 

WHen buying this unit it is important to try & get a shell with as many steps present as possible.  Most units today have 7-8 steps. Any unit with 9 or 10 steps is very desirable as the steps are very flimsy. Most people feel is was the molds themselves that contributed to this problem.

A box perforated plain with an orange perforated sleeve was produced for this unit during the years 1960 through 1962.  The box has as a inner flap number 45-20. The box sleeve was orange perforated with number 44-41.  The box was made by Mead Container Inc. out of North Bergen, New jersey. 

3820 Flatcar with Operating Submarine:


This unit is interesting because Lionel never made a submarine solely for the USMC line. The submarine used is the Navy Submarine 3830.  The car is olive drab again with heat-stamped white lettering.  This unit was ONLY available in the 1805 kit and as such is highly prized.


When purchasing this unit always make sure the submarine is an orginal & not a reproduction unit.  The sub if orginal will have Lionel stamped on the clear plastic bottom of the unit. Many repro unit will state they are made in Korea.


3429 USMC Helicopter Launching Car:


The 3429 was introduced in the 1805 gift pack along with the 3820 in 1960.  The car is olive drape with white heat-stamped lettering.  The most sought after feature is frequently the hardest to find - the orginal helicopter! The orginal helicopter has a yellow tail rotor section with lionel imprinted. It is a single blade rotor, has black plastic skids and a clear windshield. No wingtip jets were present on the rotor blades.

Care should be exercised when purchasing this unit.  Many reproduction unit are out there.  Insure that the qualities of the piece match up with the expected description.  Orginal units that have been conserved are still highly prized.


6640 USMC Missile Launching Car:

The 6640 is a great piece of Lionel engineering. A main spring with a manual drawback was used to arm the missile.  The turret could swivel 360 degrees and also be raised to fire.  Most pieces have lost their orginal missiles but replacement pieces abound. Car is olive drape with white heat-stamped lettering.

Still functioning units are highly sought after.  Orginal or replacement missiles will not affect long term value.


6824 USMC First Aid Medical Car:

This unit is the most sought after piece from the 1805 gift pack.  The 6824 is the exact same car as the 6119-125 except that the 6824 has the inserts.  Orginal pieces are very difficult to find. The inserts are a blue man with painted face and hands along with a two piece oxygen tank and finally two stretchers.  The car is olive drape with white heat-stamped lettering.

Any 6824 found in quality condition should be purchased immediatly.


This concludes the pieces of the famous 1805 Land-sea and Air gift pack.


The following pieces comprise more Lionel items in the olive drape color, some were uncataloged & others from lesser known Lionel sets sold by other companies.


6651 USMC Cannon Firing Car:

This much sought after unit was manufactured in 1965.  It is the last item produced in set form by Lionel for the space and military series.  It was sold only in two uncataloged sets. The first was J C Penny set 3737. The second set was  Alden 5615E.

The cannon has a manual draw back spring and fires four wooden shells.  The unit could be elevated and swivel 360 degrees.


6176-100 Olive Drap Hopper:

This is a very very hard piece to acquire and was only found in two uncataloged sets sold in 1964 only by J C Penny.  The sets are X 924-0680 and 19351-500.  A simple unit to produce yet still hard to acquire. 


42 Picatinny Arsenal Switcher:

This unit was only produced in 1957 and followed along the lines of the 41 US Army Switcher.  These units represent Lionel's first steps into the space and military theme.  The 41 is extremely common [produced for three years] while the 42 was a single year issue. This unit is only found in olive drape with white heat-stamped lettering.

Look carefully at the window struts as most units will have broken struts. Any unit with intact windows struts is highly desired.  Always look at the couplers to ensure that they are factory produced [1957 models had support holes added while earlier models did not]


6142 Olive drab gondola:

This unit was produced in 1964 only and was found in the JC Penney set X 924-0680.

No writing or numbering are found on this unit.  The unit is unpainted.  The value of this item is simply in the olive drape color no other special features are present.

As with any item from JC Penney set X 924-0680 if found in quality condition it should be purchased immediately.

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