Gift Address How-To - Get Your Package Sent Correctly

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Like a lot of sellers who run businesses on ebay, I accept Paypal and use online postage to create shipments.  During the holiday season especially, many buyers will confirm their own address on their paypal payment and then send a message wanting their package to be sent to another address. Just as with any online purchase anywhere on the internet you might make, it makes no sense for a buyer to OK an address as the Ship To address that he or she does not actually want to use. From a seller's perspective, it also creates a hassle with paperwork, our database, and the online postage (which is, usually conveniently, created directly from a payment).

Adding another address is really, really easy and you can add many. Just sign in to your paypal account. Click the far right tab PROFILE. On the new page, in the far left column under ACCOUNT INFORMATION click STREET ADDRESS. On the new page, on the right side under your own address, click ADD. Click Gift address and enter the address - you can add 29!!!

When you go to make a paypal payment, you will Review your address. If you want to use a different address from your own, click the word Edit that appears directly underneath your own. You can then select an address you have already entered as a gift address or even add a new one.

If you don't use paypal, you will most likely complete ebay checkout. You can also gift addresses to your Ebay account. One of the first pages of Ebay checkout is Review Shipping Address. Directly under your address are the words Change Shipping Address. Click and then Add New or Select or Edit an existing one.

There is no better way for either buyer or seller to ensure that your package will arrive exactly where it should. Happy Ebay'ing!

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