Get the Right Size and Fit for your Motorcycle Helmet!

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How to find the Right Size and Fit for your  Motorcycle, Auto Racing,  Snowboarding, or Bicycle helmet!

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How do you find the right fit for your Pyrotect auto racing helmet or a Shoei helmet, an SA 2005 Pyrotect helmet, a Pyrotect M2005, a Rodia  or HJC motorcycle helmet or Boeri snowboarding helmet ...just to name a few of our top selling helmets?   Auto Racing helmets

We want you to get the right helmet that fits your perfectly!

So, measuring your head is the starting point for the entire sizing procedure. Due to varying head shapes, heads that are apparently the same size when measured by a tape measure may not necessarily fit the same size helmet and each manufacturers helmet can size differently.

Get out your metal tape measure (which will be a bit difficult to wrap around your head, but it works) or a cloth tape measure that your mom or wife may have laying around the house in her sewing kit. ( Do people still have sewing kits?) The circumference of the head should be measure at a point approximately one inch above your eyebrows in front and at a point in the back of the head that results in the largest possible measurement. Take several measurements to confirm the largest measurement. Measure in inches or centimeters and see the charts on each of our motorcycle, auto racing, snowboarding helmet listings to see what size helmet best fits your head. When you get your helmet , put it on and see if it feels snug but not too snug. To quote Webbike World.. "Comfort has several factors. For example the material that makes up the motorcycle helmet liner should feel comfortable against the skin. The internal padding of the helmet should act as a comfortable cushion.

Internal helmet shell structure on poorly designed helmets can have protrusions or shapes that press through the padding and into a sensitive area on your head and cause pain, rawness and headaches, so ther should be no pressure points. The chin strap should be comfortable and have a smooth padding that doe not rub the neck. Many helmets will feel comfortable (or not )for the first minute or so, but be aware of any hot spots or pressure points. Make sure there is enough front to back room so that the chin is not pressing up against the inside of the chin bar."



Adult Helmet          Head Circ ( Inches)     Head Cir (cm)       Hat Size

XS                            20 7/8"-21 1/4"          53cm-54cm             6 5/8-6 3/4

Sm                            21 5/8"-22"                55cm-56cm             6 7/8-7

MD                           22 3/8- 22 3/4"          57cm-58cm             7 1/8- 7 1/4

LG                           23 1/4"-23 5/8"          59cm-60cm             7 3/8-7 1/2

XL                            24"-24 3/8"               61 cm-62 cm             7 5/8-7 3/4

XXL                         24 3/4" - 25 1/4          63cm-64cm              7 7/8-8


xxs                           21 1/4"-21 5/8            54cm-55cm                6 3/4-6 7/8

xs                             22                                56cm                          7"

sm                            22 3/8"                       57cm                          7 1/8"

MD                          22 3/4"- 23 7/8"        58cm-59cm                 7 1/4-7 3/8

LRG                        23 1/2-23 7/8"           60cm-61cm                 7 1/2-7 5/8

XL                          24 1/4"                        62cm                            7 3/4

xxl                          25 "-25 1/2"               64cm-65 cm                 8   

We at Helmets Wholesale Direct realize this is a guide only. We want to put you into the perfect fit, so we will exchange your helmet for a different size if you are not thrilled with the fit. We are grateful you stopped by our guide and hope it was helpful in putting you into the perfect sized helmet for motorcycling, auto racing, snowboarding from ...

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