Different brands of Armani

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Armani is one of the biggest and most popular fashion brands in the world. It's known for the highest quality and great designs. But with so many sub brands under the Armani name it might get a little confusing. To help you understand the difference between all the brand's lines, I wrote this guide.

1. Giorgio Armani. This is the main line. It's recognized for the best quality, classic designs, and the highest prices. Giorgio Armani's logo is a rounded "G" letter completing a curved "A" letter. But often you will see tags with black on white or white on black "Giorgio Armani" without round logo. On some older vintage pieces you will see "A Milano - Borgonuovo 21" underneath it.

2. Armani Prive. This is the newest line, started in 2005. Armani Prive is the haute couture line, mainly known for their red carpet gowns.

3. Armani Collezioni (formerly Giorgio Armani Le Collezioni). Known for tailored suites and shirts. It's aesthetics are close to the main line, but prices are a little cheaper.

*Armani Collezioni Active is the sporty line of Armani Collezioni.

4. Emporio Armani. This is the biggest and the most successful brand under Armani. The only deffusion line that is mainly designed by Giorgio Armani. The brand is more modern and fashion forward then Giorgio Armani and Armani Collezioni, and less expensive. Emporio Armani's logo is the eagle with it's head turned in the right direction.

*EA7 is the sporty line of Emporio Armani created in collaboration with Reebok.

5. Armani Jeans. This is the bridge-line collection of denim related clothing. Cheaper then Armani Collezioni. The logo is "AJ".

6. Armani Exchange, A/X. This is the most affodable line. Very trendy and modern.

Almost all Armani logos use the same black and white color palette.

Please note that each Armani piece can only belong to one of these lines. When you see multiple names and logos on the same item (like Armani Jeans on the tag, Giorgio Armani across the back, and the eagle logo on the pocket), this is Fake!

Thank you for reading my guide, hope you found it helpful. And please check out my store. I can assure you all items I sell are only 100% authentic. My store



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