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If you have questions about DeWALT reconditioned tools, we have your answers.  There are hundreds, if not thousands, of DeWalt reconditioned tools for sale on eBay.  As an avid eBay tool shopper, you should be well informed about reconditioned items, so you can make sound buying decisions.  Here is a list of the most common questions potential buyers have about  DeWALT Reconditioned Tools.


Reconditioned, refurbished, or serviced?

  • All of these terms are used interchangeably.  There is no difference in their meanings.

What is a reconditioned tool?

  • A DeWalt factory-reconditioned tool is ANY tool that has been returned to DeWalt and redistributed to a retailer for resale.

What types of tools does DeWALT Reconditioned?

  • DeWALT typically reconditions all types of tools it produces. This provides a wide array but the more popular items are: Miter Saws, Chop Saws, Circular Saws, Drills, Sanders, Grinders, Impact Drivers, Band Saws, Jig Saws, Impact Wrenches, Screwdrivers, Screwguns, SDS Rotary Hammers, Nailers, Compressors, Staplers and many more.

Why is an item reconditioned?

  • A tool is considered reconditioned because it has been out to a retailer and/or end-user and returned to DeWalt.  The specific reasons vary:
    • Overstock – Retailers purchase too many products in anticipation of high sales volumes, but return them to DeWalt at the end of a sales period when they are unable to move the products.  Items in this category are flawless and in new condition. (This category comprises the majority of the DeWalt recons we sell.)
    • Store displays – Retailers set out display models or sample models for customers to view and/or test out and they eventually end up back with DeWalt after they’ve served their purpose.  Items in this category are usually in like-new condition, often with minor dust or other signs of being outside the container.
    • Customer returns – Customer returns include several various reasons where the customer returned the item to the retailer and the retailer, in turn, returned the item to DeWalt.
      • Buyer’s remorse – The customer purchased the tool in error or had another reason for returning the tool back to the retailer under the retailer’s return policy, and the retailer, in turn, returned the item to DeWalt.  Items in this category usually show small signs of being outside the container and/or use.
      • Defective return – The customer returned the item either to the retailer or directly to DeWalt (through its service centers) because the item did not function as it was supposed to.  Items in this category usually show moderate amounts of use, mainly outer scuffing or small scratches on the exterior.


What happens when a tool is reconditioned?

  • This really depends on why the tool was returned to DeWalt to begin with.  If it was an overstock item, it’s usually good to be resold after a thorough inspection from DeWalt.  If it was a store display or a non-defective return, it may just need a small cleaning and inspection before going out.  If it was a defective item, the tool is repaired to brand new specifications and tested before being resold.  Regardless of why a tool was reconditioned, it goes through a rigorous testing and inspection process to ensure factory-perfect functionality (although cosmetic condition is not always guaranteed).
This recon drill was individually inspected and the only signs it was reconditioned are the stickers and the "R" brand.


Why was this particular tool reconditioned?

  • DeWalt does not give out the exact reasons why a specific tool was reconditioned.  I.e. we are not told if it was used/unused, defective/functional, etc.  However, we do know that it has been closely examined by an inspector before being re-released for resale.


Will I get a warranty with a reconditioned tool?

  • Yes, DeWalt stands by their reconditioned tools.  DeWALT has only a handful of authorized dealers that carry reconditioned tools and when you purchase from one of us, you get peace of mind.  DeWALT backs authorized reconditioned tool purchases with a 1-year limited warranty against manufacturing defects.  DeWALT has a network of several hundred authorized service centers nationwide and the warranty is honored at any one of these locations.  This can be confirmed by calling DeWALT at (800)4-DEWALT.


Why should I buy a reconditioned tool instead of a brand new one?

  • One word – SAVINGS!  DeWALT reconditioned tool prices are sold at deeply discounted prices off of brand new tool prices.  By choosing to go with a recon over a brand new item, you get a quality product at a fraction of the price you would normally pay.  Many times, you can’t even tell the difference between a brand new tool and a reconditioned tool just by looking at it.  Functionally, reconditioned tools often perform better than brand new tools because they go through more testing and inspections.  From our past experience,  close to 99% of the recons we receive are unused, but still have been rigorously tested. In the end, you the consumer get a brand new tool at a reconditioned price.  We have had a very high level of customer satisfaction from DeWALT reconditioned tools.  In fact, most customers who purchase reconditioned tools become lifelong reconditioned fans of DeWALT.

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