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Hello, I recently brought a genie/Djinn ring on ebay from seller 2piratesbringutreasure her name is Dee. And I have to be honest here. the ring that I bought. I can truly see the face of a creature that appears to me as my Djinn.The ring did not cost me a $1,000  dollars. Just a reasonable amount. I haven't seen any orbs just his face in the facing of my ring. also let me say I have bought a few more haunted item from this same seller for family members such as indian spirits etc. and they were pleased with the help they recieved from their item.I'm not going to say that everyone will see their Djinn.I know that Dee,Dee will not beat you. and yes my Djinn has a name.their aren't to many true Djinn selles on ebay.and I don't have clue to as who they are. but I can say that I was lucky to come across ebay seller 2piratesbrigutreasure Dee,Dee.


Good luck:)







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