Creative Ways to Give Concert Tickets as a Gift

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Creative Ways to Give Concert Tickets as a Gift

Concert tickets make great gifts for music fans. They might offer the recipient a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see a favorite band or musician play live. The concert itself is a fun experience, and paying someone's way a highly generous gift, but the tickets themselves are rather small and not very exciting to open. Givers can use a number of creative ideas to make giving concert tickets more fun, such as enclosing the tickets in a gift basket, helium balloon, or record cover.


Music-Themed Gift Basket

A gift basket is a simple, effective way to give concert tickets. It allows the giver to incorporate larger, more tangible things into the gift so it appears grand. A gift basket need not be expensive; homemade items, such as mixed CDs, hand-stenciled T-shirts or tote bags, and framed drawings, all work well.


Putting together a gift basket is somewhat of an art. Givers should gather a few supplies to make the basket look attractive.





Basket or box

Attractive basket, box, or other container to hold contents

Opt for smaller basket so the contents appear to fill it completely


Shredded paper or magazine pages, fabric, or other attractive material to stuff basket

Filling "bowl" of the basket with filler helps lift the contents so basket appears more full

Basket contents

Tickets and anything else that goes in the basket

Music-themed gifts: guitar picks or strings, sheet music, iTunes gift card


Cellophane wrap, tulle, or sheer fabric to cover basket

Repurpose sheer curtains


Plastic or fabric ribbon

Tie ribbon into neat bow and curl ends

Add embellishments like fabric flowers or bells


Baskets, ribbons, filler, and wrapping offer an excellent opportunity to get creative with colors and patterns. Although the basket should look nice, this project can also be a lot of fun.


Helium Balloon

This idea involves placing the tickets inside a balloon along with some confetti. The receiver must pop the balloon to get the gift inside. The tickets fall out, and the recipient is showered with confetti. The giver should add the tickets and confetti before adding the helium to the balloon. It can be difficult to get the tickets in without bending them, so givers should get a friend to help stretch the balloon opening while they carefully place the tickets inside. It may help to roll them slightly to get them to fit through the opening.


Scavenger Hunt

Givers can arrange a scavenger hunt to make the whole giving process more fun. Instead of opening the tickets themselves, the recipient opens an envelope with a clue. The clue leads to a second envelope with another clue and so on until she gets to the final envelope with the tickets. For even more fun, each clue should not only provide directions to the next clue but hints as to the final gift at the end.


Clever Disguise

If the recipient has a sense of humor, the giver can wrap the tickets in a box for something else to make him think he is getting a different gift. Ideally, the box or packaging should be for something that the recipient thinks is dull and boring. The value of the item on the box should also be lower than the value of the tickets. It can be funny to make a recipient think he got a Swiffer Wet Jet for his birthday. It is less funny to make him think he is getting a new iPad when the box really contains concert tickets. As great as concert tickets are, they loose their appeal when the box promises something even better.


Shower with Gifts

Givers can do a little play on words using the phrase "shower someone with gifts." To shower someone with the gift of concert tickets, givers simply need to take an inexpensive umbrella and use ribbons to tie the tickets to the inside. They can also add money, coupons, gift cards, scratch cards, and anything else small, fun, and music-related. When the recipient opens the umbrella, he then gets "showered" with the gifts.


Record Cover

Old records and album covers make fun concert ticket wrappers. Givers simply need to find an old, cheesy record and decorate the cover to personalize it. They can make custom labels for the record itself. Givers should tape or attach the tickets to the vinyl record itself because they can be hard to find inside the album cover.


How to Buy Concert Tickets on eBay

You can find plenty of concert tickets for upcoming events on eBay. Locate tickets for concerts in your area by searching for the artist or group. You can use filters such as price and date to narrow the search results. It is helpful to look at seating charts and other venue info before buying tickets. Be sure to choose sellers carefully, and look at the vendor's feedback and ratings to ensure the merchant has completed successful ticket transactions in the past. It is never a bad idea to ask for proof of the tickets' authenticity.


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