Create A Festive DIY Holiday Wreath Using Candy Canes

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Decorate your home for the holidays with this affordable and easy decor idea.

There are always new holiday decorations coming out, but sometimes you can't beat the classics. This year, think beyond garlands by adorning your home in style with your own DIY wreath.

Winter just wouldn't be the same without a big beautiful Christmas tree covered in ornaments and a beautiful wreath on the door.

Traditionally, these beautiful decorations were made from evergreen pines to symbolize strength, but these days you can make practically anything you'd like into a wreath. So why not make one that celebrates all of the sweet, minty treats that pop up around this time of year: candy canes!

Candy canes are synonymous with the holidays and are stuffed into holiday stockings. They can also be used to make a festive, minty wreath.

And not only are they a yummy minty treat, their shape — along with their cool red and white stripes — makes them an amazing decorating tool.

Check below to learn how to assemble this pretty decoration. You'll want to make one right away and display it proudly.

1. Gather your materials.

- Candy canes

2. Add washi tape to a spool holder to use as the base

Trim any excess washi tape, so you can maintain the circular shape.

3. Poke holes into the spool.

4. Insert candy canes.

Continue around the entire spool, making sure they all face the same direction.

5. Hot glue the glittery star onto the spool holder.

6. Glue ribbon to the back of the spool. Hang & enjoy!

This craft is quick and easy. It’s perfect to hang in your home, but an older child could also make one as a gift for a teacher.

Candy canes are such a holiday staple that it just makes sense to decorate with them, too. Give your door a cheerful holiday makeover this season! Small candy canes are used to create a lovely red-and-white striped candy cane wreath. If you are thinking about making a wreath this holiday, then you might want to try this candy cane wreath.

This hanging decoration leaves a sweet, lasting impression for the winter season. Don’t you agree?

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