Counterfeit Chrome Hearts Eyewear-Buyer-Be-Ware!

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Counterfeit Chrome Hearts Eyewear-Buyer-Be-Ware!
Unfortunately, i am all too experienced in spotting fake and counterfeit Chrome Hearts Eyeglasses both for men and woman. Don't be naive, there are incredible examples of copies/fakes that can fool any of us. Here are a few things i noticed that you can check. Some are specifics about that actual eyewear Chrome Hearts that the seller is displaying; other things to watch out for are the ways in which a fraudulent seller displays his/her Ebay store and has feedback that is way too good and consistent.
  • Avoid any seller who has negative feedback involving the authenticity of the Chrome Heart eyeglasses. In other words, anything negative where the buyer is complaining that the C.H. they thought they were receiving turned out to be Fakes. It will likely happen to you too. 
  • Avoid any eyeglasses where the pictures show the hinges and they appear to be cast-metal or "Cast" or Die-cast, or have serious inconsistencies comparing one hinge to the other. C.H. usually displays a ".925" somewhere on the temples to indicate that its Sterling Silver not paint.
  • Consider that your paying hundreds of dollars for what you think is authentic and the plastic should not show any wrinkles around the corners on either the inside or outside of the frames. It may also show up as a waviness in the plastic colored portion of the frames, again in the corners where a straight piece of plastic transitions to a corner, etc...
  • C.H. uses the highest optical quality lenses. Don't accept anything that looks like cheap $12 plastic pop ins.
  • Weight. The real deal is often impressive both in weight and balance and just a general awesome feeling that your holding a piece of jewelry quality eyewear. If you pick up your eyewear and it feels flimsy, or the parts are put together cheaply; or there are inconsistencies in color, etc… it just doesn't "smell" right…move on or return. 
  • Make sure your return policy has no restock fee associated with it. For the reason that the seller is selling you a piece of junk and his restock fee is often enough for him/her to smile while you get ripped off. 
  • Make sure its protected by Pay Pay protection services, just in case. They really helped me out of a recent jam, which is why i'm writing this article. 
  • If its' too cheap, it fake. Period, so move on.
  • If its priced perfectly it still may be fake, do your due diligence.
  • Last, and from what i've seen so far, you can find an authentic Chrome Hearts eyewear on Ebay, BUT its usually an individual whom had the occassional pair of glasses to sell, or a used pair. You can see the difference right away from the pictures. Again, as mentioned above, check the feedback and look for any words involving fraud; counterfeit; fake in the complaint section…negative feedback section.
  • Good luck!@
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