Choosing the Best TaylorMade Golf Clubs for a Beginner Golfer

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Choosing the Best TaylorMade Golf Clubs for a Beginner Golfer

There are many different types of TaylorMade golf clubs on the market, but not all of them are necessary for the beginning player. Some golf clubs have one purpose, while other clubs are more versatile. The beginning player needs to look for versatile clubs, as they are useful in many different situations.

Before purchasing TaylorMade golf clubs, it is important to be able to identify the different types of clubs as well as their intended purpose. When players know the terms commonly used for golf clubs, players are better equipped to make informed decisions when purchasing anything from putters to irons. Whether players wish to purchase used or new clubs, it is important to know what to buy, and how to buy it.

Golf Club Glossary

Players need to be able to identify the different clubs they need to use before starting to play golf. Therefore, they should become familiar with the different types of clubs, their appearance, and their purpose, in order to play golf successfully.


Players need at least three woods to play the game of golf. These clubs are useful for driving the ball off the tee towards the pin. They have long shafts and round heads. Wood clubs are numbered 3 to 7, but beginning players can play with only a 3-wood and a 5-wood.

3 Wood

Most beginning golfers find that the 3-wood is a useful club when they need to hit the ball between 240 and 250 yards. The smaller head on the wood, when compared to a driver, makes it easier to control the swing, and the golfer enjoys a greater loft.

A great example of a 3-wood is the TaylorMade Burner Tour High-Launching 3-Wood. The triangular shape of the head gives this club a deep center of gravity; therefore, players experience a lower spin-rate allowing them to hit the ball longer distances. The lower center of gravity also leads to more forgiveness when the beginner hits the golf ball and allows the player to feel more stable. This club has extremely thin clubhead walls, which results in faster swings and, therefore, the ball goes a greater distance. The club also has a smaller sole than found on most woods, allowing beginning players to get more bounce on the ball.

5 Wood

Players often use their 5-wood to hit the second shot off the fairway, especially when that fairway is nicely groomed. This club usually causes the ball to land softer; therefore, the beginning golfer gets fewer bad rolls. A great example of a 5-wood is the TaylorMade V Steel 5-Wood because the club is very forgiving when the player hits less than a great shot. Since the clubface is 455-steel, the player also hits the ball with more velocity.

The V-shape sole helps to minimize turf-resistance, which helps the new player hit the ball with the greatest impact possible for the furthest distance. The V-shape also makes it easy for the beginning player to get into the impact zone for longer, straighter shots. Furthermore, the V-shape reduces the area of the club that encounters the ground and thereby reduces the amount of drag. The club's shallower profile gives more spin and a hanger launch angle, so the ball has a higher ball flight resulting in greater distance.


Players need several irons to play the game of golf, and most common sets of clubs contain between seven and 11 irons. The good news for beginner players is that the player only needs three irons to be successful. Each iron has a number indicating the relative angle of the loft to the clubface. The higher the iron club number is, the larger the loft angle.

Long Irons

Irons numbered 2, 3, and 4 are useful for hitting from the fairway to the rough, although they can also be useful for trouble shots, such as when the player must hit from under a stand of trees. Beginning players find these clubs most useful when they need to hit the ball between 180 and 260 yards.

A good example of a long iron is the TalylorMade Burner 2.0 3 Iron is a good club for a beginner. Due to the club's weight, it is easier for the beginner to hit balls off tight lines, sand, and soft fairways. The sole design with its raised center and recessed heel and toe reduces drag; thus, the player finds it is easier to hit the ball a longer distance. The thick topline on this club ensures that the player can easily hit the ball. Lining up the ball is easier when using this club because of the white groove on the bottom of the clubface, which helps with proper alignment. Furthermore, TaylorMade includes diagrams on the shaft to help players hold the club properly.


Mid-irons, numbered 5 through 7, are most useful when a player needs to hit the ball between 130 and 210 yards. They are also useful on hillier fairways when it is harder to make the ball go further. The mid-iron is easier to hit than the long iron, so it is usually a good choice to choose this iron over a long iron.

A good example of a mid-iron good for a beginner is the RocketBladez 6 Iron, which offers beginners several advantages over other brands of clubs. First, the 2-millimeter slot, called a speed pocket on the head of the club, allows beginners to hit the ball longer and with a higher launch than most comparable clubs on the market. Secondly, the ultra-thin face helps the ball travel straighter towards the pin, an accomplishment that many beginners struggle with. The RocketBladez's inverted cone design also provides a larger clubface so that beginner golfers hit straighter shots. Finally, the 17.5 grams of weight low in the iron's shaft helps provide consistency.

Short Irons

Short irons are clubs usually numbered 8 and 9, although they can be numbered up to 12. These clubs are most useful for shots in the 130 to 150 yard range and shots that must go over a nearby obstacle. They are the easiest iron to hit with, so when a player has a choice they should choose a short iron.

A good example of a short iron is the R1 8 Iron, which offers beginners several options, so as experience changes their game, they can adjust the club, which helps them get the most out of every swing. The player can choose to add or remove weight to the club so that they can easily hit the ball further. Players can also change the sole plate by easily turning a dial on the hosel in half-degree increments. Thus, the player can change the angle at which the clubface hits the ball allowing for a better shot that can travel further. Finally, the diagonal orange-and-black stripes on the clubface allow the player easily to align the ball for easy contact.


Wedges are clubs used when the golfer wants to cover less than 130 yards, have a high launch angle, and wants little roll distance after the ball hits the ground. They are useful for approach shots to the putting green and getting the ball out of hazards. In the past, even beginning golfers had several types of wedges in their bags, including a pitching wedge, a gap wedge, a sand wedge, and a lob wedge.

TaylorMade has created a wedge that serves all those purposes with the ATV 52 Wedge. One advantage is its versatility; therefore, players can invest in just one wedge, avoiding the expense of buying multiple wedges and the frustration of deciding which wedge to use for the situation at hand. The ATV 52 wedge's wide sole helps the club skim through the sand without digging a hole. On the other hand, the concave area helps to lift the grass or other material out of the way. This flexibility allows players to hit their best shot every time. The grooves in the clubface give players maximum spin so that the ball travels in its intended direction and as far as possible.


The golfer uses a putter to hit the ball into the cup once reaching the green, although many golfers use the putter if the ball lands just a few yards short of the green. There are three choices for putters: a traditional blade, a heel-toe clubhead, or a mallet clubhead. For the most part, beginning golfers want to avoid traditional blades until their game improves, as these can be very unforgiving. While a heel-toe clubhead is more forgiving, it is still not as forgiving as a mallet clubhead; therefore, the mallet clubhead is the best choice for a beginner.

Many beginning golf players love the TaylorMade Daddy Long Legs Putter. The clubface's design encourages the ball to travel at about the same speed whether hit in the center or a little off-center. The single black line on the white clubface makes lining up the ball for a perfect putt easier than with many other models. This gives new players a little more leeway for less than perfect shots. The shaft of this club is heavier and the shafts grip on this club is also longer than many available on the market. Therefore, players feel more stable when hitting the ball. The longer than average grip allows players to try different ways to hold the club until they find the one that is right for them. TaylorMade also includes a wider shaft at the top to remind players where their hands should go when they grip the club.

How to Buy TaylorMade Golf Clubs on eBay

Once you have determined which clubs are necessary, you can head to eBay where a large selection of new and used golf clubs is available. If you already know the type of club you want, such as a "TaylorMade putter" or a " TaylorMade Iron", then you can type in that keyword into the search box, conveniently located on any eBay page.

On the other hand, if you know exactly what club you want, such as the "TaylorMade Daddy Long Legs Putter" or the " TaylorMade ATV 52 Wedge," then just enter the club's name directly into the search box. Make sure to consider comments left by past buyers, as it holds important clues on how well they might perform for you. Once satisfied that you have found the perfect club, place your order using eBay's safe and secure system.


One of the best brands of golf clubs for a beginning player is TaylorMade. Even the beginner golfer needs several different types of clubs to play golf. Keep in mind that four types of clubs are necessary: woods, irons, wedges, and putters. The player should also now know when to use each club. Furthermore, the beginning player should also know what qualities to look for when buying the club so that they can make informed buying decisions. Players should also have a good idea of how to buy those clubs that they need the most. While beginning buyers have many choices in clubs, one decision is very easy: choosing TaylorMade. Beginner golfers can easily find the right TaylorMade they need on eBay.

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