Cell Phone Conditional Guide

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When buying a product (or selling) sometimes it is hard to quite describe a products visual condition. Because of this it is very important as a seller and buyer to be aware of products conditions. I personally have ordered some products that were no where near as good as I had thought, and I am certainly sure that others have had the same experience, however sometimes one persons idea of good is completely different then another s thus I have my own personal guide that will apply to all my products. (specifically electronic devices)

New: This means the product is new sealed and never opened or used

New unsealed: This means the item was never used but was opened or used for less then a week with absolutely NO signs of use.

Mint: Used with NO signs of usage at all.

A+: If there are any signs of usage at all, they are easily overlooked

A: May be small hairline scratches NONE on screens (if it applies or unless plastic as plastic tends to gather hairline scratches insanely easy) No scraps or scuffs

B+: Overall the phone is in good condition, however one area may have a scrap, there may be small (unobtrusive) scratches on the device and screen (if it applies) NO broken parts and the phone may not have an abundant amount of scraped areas or scratches. It's overall appearance should be similar to an A graded phone with the exception of one scraped area.

B: Overall the phone is in good condition but the back/bottom of the device has a multitude of scratches as well as the same issues mentioned in grade B+

C+: The phone looks used. There are scratches all over the device. The screen has unobtrusive scratches (if it applies) the body of the device is scratched moderately with multiple scraps on the back.

C: The phone has all the same issues as grade C+ however the screen has obtrusive scratches.

D+: The device has many scraps and scratches. If the device is plastic it may have broken peaces and screen is readable but there are obtrusive scratches. 

D: The device may have broken parts, the screen is readable but severely scratched. All issues from D+ are also present

F: The phone looks as if it is likely unusable.

There will always of course be discrepancies and if you buy an item thinking your getting an A and get a C, then that is definitively an issue. I strongly believe more sellers should list how they grade an item as I find it hard to know what I'm getting when someone sells me something. I hope this helps all my buyers in understanding what they are getting. I in absolutely NO way want any buyer to feel ripped off or lied to and take pride in providing buyers with an honest sale.

Also for buyers of smartphones and or tablet. Please understand what you are buying and how to use the device. I will put up my own personal guides on each system and info, however note that not all smartphones are created equal, specifically with android devices and the experience will vary by device and user.
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