Can I Buy Car Parts Online?

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Can I Buy Car Parts Online?

These days, almost anything can be bought online. It’s not just items like books or DVDs, but anything and everything (legal), from groceries to antiques. Many types of parts are available online and as long as the buyer knows what he or she truly needs, then it’s easy to purchase car parts on the Internet.

Different types of people buy car parts online. Some may be car enthusiasts who are fixing up an old car, but many are everyday people stocking up on parts that need to be replaced regularly. This document serves as a definitive guide for anyone who wants to buy car accessories and parts online. First, some may ask why they should buy on the Internet, so the different advantages of buying car parts online will be discussed. Next, the different aspects and steps of buying car parts online will be outlined. Finally, there are some car parts that are best bought online and these parts will be summarized. There are many websites that sell car parts online. However, for those who want a large array of choices and a safe and easy shopping experience, eBay Motors is a good resource when buying car parts online.

Advantages of Buying Car Parts Online

Many people love the convenience of shopping online. After all, they don’t even have to get out of their pajamas when going to an online store. Everything is one click away. However, shopping online for car parts also has other advantages, namely, saving time and money, constant part availability, as well as ease of searching for the right part.

Save Time and Money

The one obvious advantage of purchasing car parts online is saving time and money. People can purchase their car parts wherever they may be, whether they’re on the commute going home or sitting down to lunch at work. Buying online is usually the cheapest way to purchase anything, since many online sellers don’t have the same overhead costs as brick-and-mortar stores. Buyers can compare prices of different sellers and find the lowest price for the item they want.

Part Availability

When a buyer goes to the store, there’s always the possibility that the item the he or she wants isn’t available. With hundreds of websites selling car parts, it’s rare that certain parts are unavailable. Even if a brand of oil or brake pad isn’t in stock at a certain website, there’s surely other online stores that will have that item.

Ease of Searching

Some may worry that purchasing an item without seeing it may result in purchasing the wrong item. However, modern supply systems, barcoding, and part numbering have made it easier to find the right part for the right car. Many car manuals or manufacturer websites have part number information, and buyers can use this to purchase the right parts even without looking at the box.

How to Buy Car Parts Online

In essence, purchasing car parts online is just like buying anything on the web, whether it’s that perfect pair of jeans or the latest smartphone. First, a buyer needs to research the website, search for the item, find the right parts, and then pay for the item.


First, it would be prudent to do some research on online stores or the sellers, to ensure that they sell only genuine parts, and that they fulfill their orders. Buyers can check the BBB website for complaints, or perform a search on the seller’s name to find unbiased, third-party reviews.


Most websites will have a search function where buyers can enter keywords related to the item they want. They may also have navigation menus somewhere on the homepage that can lead the buyers to the right part, usually by describing the category or part of the car (engine, transmission, brakes), and then narrowing down the selection to specific parts.

Selecting the Right Parts

It’s best to consult the car manual or manufacturer website to find out exactly what type of part a vehicle needs. Some may offer exact part numbers, and others may have a specific description. Check the list of parts on the seller’s website for the right parts. Most reputable sellers will have a shopping cart where buyers can add the parts they need and pay for them when they check out.

Paying for Purchases

Check which forms of payment the seller or website accepts. One of the best ways to purchase online is with a credit card, as many cards offer warranty extensions or guarantees, and transactions can be easily traced. Third-party payment companies like PayPal are also a good way to pay for items online, as many don’t expose the buyer’s personal information. Be wary of people who want money orders or bank transfers, as it’s as good as giving cash and difficult to recover should something go wrong.

The Best Car Parts to Buy Online

Perhaps the biggest drawback of buying online is waiting for the parts to be delivered, or in the case of emergencies, paying a lot of money to have the part delivered overnight. However, many parts need to be replaced regularly, perhaps every few thousand miles to keep a car running efficiently. If buyers know when a part needs to be replaced, it can be ordered ahead of time. The most common car parts that car owners can buy online and when they need to be replaced are outlined in the chart below:


When to Replace


Every three to five years or as needed

Air Filters

Every year or every 12,000 miles

Oil and Oil Filters

Every 3,000 miles

Transmission Fluid

Every two years or 24,000 miles

Power Steering Fluid

As needed; level should be inspected when oil is changed

Spark Plugs

Every 30,000 to 100,000 miles or as needed

Engine Coolant

Every two years or 24,000 miles

The best way to save when buying online is to stock up on certain parts that need to be replaced often or break easily. That way, the buyer can purchase in bulk ahead of time, and always have the part on hand in case of emergencies. Not only does the buyer save money buying parts and doing the repairs, but also saves time. A good rule of thumb would be to have at least a year’s supply on hand. For example, oil filters and engine oil should be changed about every 3,000 miles. Therefore, if the buyer drives in excess of 20,000 miles per year, he or she should purchase about six filters and enough oil for six oil changes each year. For things like power steering fluid that needs to be topped off occasionally, having a bottle on hand makes sense.

Buying Car Parts on eBay Motors

Finding the right website can be a hassle. Save some time by going straight to eBay. Aside from having a comprehensive selection of car parts online, eBay also has a section devoted just to cars and vehicles, called eBay Motors. It’s easy to find the right parts (and the right seller) for your car.

Searching for Car Parts on eBay Motors

To begin searching for the right car parts on eBay Motors, use the search box on the homepage (or any page) and type in keywords that describe the car part you want. You can use generic words for more results, like “spark plug” or “engine oil.” However, you may want to be more specific. Detailed keywords like “ABS brake lines” will produce more targeted results.

About Seller Ratings

Once you find the right car part you need, make sure you check out the seller’s ratings before committing to bid on or buy the item. On the listing page, you’ll find the seller’s feedback score and a star rating next to his or her name. Generally, higher scores mean higher ratings, but you’ll also want to go to the seller’s page and looking at the entire seller history and feedback. Feedback consists of comments or notes previous buyers have left the seller. Try to browse through the feedback history and check to make sure the feedback is consistent, and see if any buyers have had any specific troubles with the seller, especially as it related to automotive parts.


Shopping online has changed the way people make decisions when buying items, as well as improve their quality of life. These days, almost anything can be bought online, including car parts. Purchasing car parts online has some advantages, namely, saving time and money, always having the necessary parts in stock, and being able to purchase the right parts with confidence. Buying car parts online is just like buying any item on the Internet, which means doing research on the seller, finding the right parts, and paying for the item with a credit card or other form of electronic payment.

Many car owners may need certain parts in a hurry, especially when their cars break down. In such cases, many sellers can offer express or overnight shipping. However, one good way buyers can really take advantage of online car part shopping is by making purchases ahead of time and stocking up on items that are used or changed often. That way, buyers can save on shipping costs and the hassle of buying the same parts and accessories every few months. When it comes to shopping online for car parts, there’s no better place on the Internet than eBay Motors.

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