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I collect Case Trapper Knives or at least I did but I'm finished with them and this is why:

First, let me say that nothing beats a Case knife, no matter which style you choose. each knife is hand made in the USA by hand from start to finish, even the hand sharpening. W.R. Case & Sons Cutlery are part of the Zippo Lighter Company. Case is so popular I doubt the company would ever close it's doors to asian competition, they have too much to offer.

So why would I stop after collecting 45 Trappers?

The Case Bubba Gum Trapper

The Case Bubba Gum line 2003 was one of the most sought after knife line I'd ever seen. Pink scales, for the ladies, DYNAMITE. But after the Mottled Bone scaled Bubba Gum sold out in 2003 along came:

The Cigar Band Bubba Gum Trapper, The Lady Case Bubba Gum Damascus Trapper, The Bubba Gum Bearhead Trapper ,The Bubba Gum Slimline Trapper and New for 2008 The Cowgirl Trapper. Now I'm thinking there are an infinite number of things you can do with bone, colors, jigged, cigar band, laser etc. The images below look like different shades but the are all the same pink color, I've seen them. But why in the H**L continue in Pink? When Case does this, the collectors are not happy. Everyone else is because they can get a similar trapper to the Bubba Gum. I quit! Case, look at your collectors not Shepherd Hills Cutlery, we are the ones who supported you. Seller "shepherdhillscutlery" is the largest orderer of the same color pink knife. Also, if you buy one knife from them they continuously send catalogs!


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