Buying Vintage WWII Military Watches

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      So often when buying a vintage Military Watch we tend to desire a piece which looks closest to perfect as possible.  Specifically the watch case without flaws brings the most money.  However most times this watch case has been refinished by sandblasting and resurfacing,  or even buffed removing all its imperfections.  Think about it, what really happened here.  Metal was removed, lots of metal.   It was made thinner to look better.  There is a big difference between restoring and refinishing.  Guidlines for true historic restorations never involve abrasive materials or machines to be used.  A antique piece of furniture is worth considerably more having its original finish, the better condtion, the higher its worth.   Always original finish, good condition is worth considerably more.  So why are people paying the highest prices for these remade over watches.  Lets take two identical watches, both having the same movements in the same condition, both the same in all ways except one has had its case refinished, the other did not.  The unrefinshed watch case is in original condition having a few flaws or dings on its case, only cleaned and polished.  By all rights, this watch should be sold for, and worth considerably more than the resurfaced, refinished watch.  That does not seem to be the case however, and it should be.  Remember, a WWII Watch has gone through the war, battles, fights.  Theres character and history on a watch case.  If you desire perfection, there are new military watches availabe.  Even newer Government issued pieces.  If you want a WWII Vintage watch, consider the less than perfect looking one.  You might find in the long run if you ever go to sell it, the less than perfect appearing piece is truly worth a bit more.  The two most misued words, restored and refinished.  A true historical restoration does NOT use abrasive methods.  This is so important that this guidleline is always  enforced on a governemnt historical, or museum restoration.    
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