Buying Iraqi dinar on eBay

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When buying new Iraqi dinar on line don't be discouraged about all the negative hype you hear. Make sure you check our community members feedback and length of service and am sure if all checks out there will be no problem! Also don't shy away from our fellow international eBayers, if their feedback checks out all thumbs should be up! It may take a few extra days to receive, but hey its well worth the wait if you can save a few dollars! The only problem I've encountered which has become common is people are sending circulated ( used ) notes instead of( new ) uncirculated notes. And saying its a mistake, whether it is or not it should be specified beforehand! Could very well have been my mistake without 1st asking a question when it was not clear! Now calling the Iraqi dinar " new Iraqi dinar " is the most common search term , title and description but remember the money itself has been around since 2003! So would you say, saying it is NEW means, in circulation or new as in condition? Could be a bit deceptive? If it is not clear in auction listing " ask a question " to the seller. The problems I've encountered have been corrected with my fellow eBayers and as a mistake came to fair resolution without escalating to a dispute. This is what makes eBay such a fun and wonderful social experience! Now money is money and does not change the actual value @ all but circulated ( used ) dinar should not get the premium amount of money as an uncirculated ( new ) note does. ..........
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