Buying DIRECTV equipment - Caveat Emptor!!!!!

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YOU CAN BUY Directv Receivers or DVR's!!!!!!!

If you CALL DirecTV Customer Service, you will be told that they WILL  SELL their equipment; but it is very expensive.  They will also tell you that you can  "BUY" their equipment from an authorized dealer; and, that a HD DVR will cost you more than $390; or, a HD Receiver will be more than $350!!!!!  ONLY if you purchase such an item from such a dealer, AND pay that exhorbitant price for it, do you qualify to OWN the equipment and not pay a monthly LEASE fee for it.  Here is the GOTCHA!  If you contact ANY Authorized Directv dealer:  Sams Club, Best Buy, Magnolia HIFI, Weaknees; or any other, you will be told that they CANNOT SELL YOU the equipment at ANY price.  All they are authorized to do, by Directv, is to sell you a LEASE agreement on the equipment.  Don't let many of these fly-by-night dealers on EBAY convince you otherwise!  What they are "selling" you is a lease agreement.  That's all, plain and simple.  Many times at a price far greater than it would have cost you, if you had gone to your local Directv dealer and purchased it there!  There are SOME genuine sellers who are actually SELLING the Directv equipment, and with full authority to do so from DIRECTV.  If you have ANY questions about the ownership of ANY DIRECTV receiver or DVR, it can be easily verified with the Access Card Authorization division of DIRECTV CUSTOMER SERVICE.  You will need the RID number of the device that you want to verify.  Any honest dealer will be more than happy to provide you with this information on any receiver they are selling.  These instructions also pertain to USED equipment, which is available from several EBAY sources.  ANY honest seller of Directv equipment, will provide you the RID#, so that you can verify the equipments status PRIOR to buying it!  If you can't get the RID#, bypass the sale; because there's a problem with it.  The exception to this is the "old" GAEBO receivers, which have NO RID number; they do; however, have a comparable number, which you can use to get verification.


If you are a FIRST TIME subscriber to whatever level of access the equipment is for, you will also find yourself locked into either a 1 year or a 2 year agreement, which you cannot terminate, without severe penalties.  It does NOT make any difference, whether the equipment you buy is Virgin, NEW, OLD, previously owned, stolen, bought from a dealer, a private party, a garage sale, or given to you by grandma~!  The result is the same.  It's going to be a lease agreement with Directv for the entire life of the equipment, unless it's verified as OWNED.  A little simple math will tell you, that at $4.95 a month, that can amount to a lot of money over the 6 or 7 year lifespan of the equipment. Actually, about the same as the "purchase" price would be for the equipment, IF you could find anyplace that could SELL it to you!  What does this "lease" fee do for you?  Not a darned thing!  No repairs, No exchanges, Nothing; AND, should you decide to quit Directv and ago with DISH or somebody else, YOU have to return the equipment to Directv......regardless of how much you paid for it; and,  how many years you've been paying "lease" fees on it!  Such a deal, eh?

If you "buy" one of these units, and activate it, your next bill will reflect the leasing fees and any "extra' receiver fees that may also be included.  The ONLY way you can even apply to Directv to have the equipment declared as OWNED by you, is to write to them, at their Colorado Headquarters, and INCLUDE a bill of sale from an authorized dealer for the piece of equipment, showing that you have paid either $499 for the receiver; and/or $745 for the DVR.  NO OTHER amount of purchase price will be even considered!


These "dealers" who are advertising this equipment, with vague terms, or, pretending to not know about these Directv regulations, are purely, and simply committing FRAUD by omission!!  There is NO way they can be selling DIRECTV equipment, and NOT be aware of the rules and regulations put on them by the owner of their franchise. These rules also apply to used equipment.  Consider yourself forewarned.  You cannot get around the Directv monopoly on this matter.  Why hasn't the FCC stepped in and taken control of it?  I don't know.  It appears, to me, to be a violation of the Sherman Antitrust Act, in that Directv OWNS, MANUFACTURES, CONTROLS, and FIXES THE PRICES of the only equipment that can receive and process their signal.  Wasn't Standard Oil and AT&T broken-up for such business practices?

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