Best Cajon Pedals

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With its Spanish name meaning "box" or "crate," the cajon has an understated construction, with a thin layer of plywood on one side and thicker wood on the remaining sides and top. The back of a cajon features a sound hole, and musicians make percussive sounds by tapping different parts of the front plate of the instrument. While many percussionists play their cajons using their palms, multi-instrumentalists may want to play the wooden box using a cajon pedal. Best Cajon Pedals
Gibraltar Cajon Pedal

Gibraltar Cajon Pedal The strap-drive cajon pedal from Gibraltar comes with a primary pedal and cable-mounted pedal with a soft beater and convenient C-clamp mount. The pedal transforms a cajon into an acoustic bass drum that is perfect when a musician needs a lower volume than a standard bass drum provides. The pedal has spring adjustments that ensure the cable tension and action remain tight. Drummers can customize the feel of the pedal using cam arms, and adjust the placement of the pedal to use the beater on various parts of the cajon to achieve a range of tones. The pedal enables drummers to integrate their cajons into drum sets, allowing them to play with the left or right foot. It also leaves enough room for musicians to play the percussion instrument by hand.

LP Cajon Pedal

LP Cajon Pedal Latin Percussion, or LP, makes cable-driven cajon pedals with a weight and feel that generate an authentic palm sound. While many cajon pedals are effectively repurposed kick drum pedals, the LP product features a special beater that provides the characteristic natural sound. The pedal has a 3-foot-long cable that allows drummers to fit the cajon easily into an existing drum set in the ideal playing position. The pedal provides adjustable spring tension, making it suitable for players that use different styles. The mount plate of the LP cajon pedal has a special design that accommodates most standard-size cajons. Recording engineers love the LP cajon pedal because it provides noise-free recordings.

Schlagwerk CAP 100 Cajon Pedal

Schlagwerk CAP 100 Cajon Pedal The innovative Schlagwerk CAP 100 pedal allows percussionists to play their cajons like bass drums while also using their palms on the front plate. This combination means that musicians have even more rhythmic options available. The remote pedal features a cable so the drummer can attach one component to the cajon and place the pedal in the ideal position for dual hand and foot playing. The Schlagwerk cajon pedal comes in a rigid foam bag that makes it easy to transport to a gig or recording studio.

Meinl Bass Pedal Cajon

Meinl Bass Pedal Cajon If musicians want an all-in-one product, they may be interested in the Meinl bass pedal cajon that comes with an integrated pedal. Drummers can adjust the pressure that brings the internal snare wires into contact with the cajon's ebony front plate to produce a range of sounds that suit their expressive style. The adjustments all take place hands-free, so there is no interruption to the music. If musicians wish to play without the pedal, they can turn off the pressure and use both palms to create rhythms.

J. Leiva B.Box Cajon Pedal

The Leiva B.Box cajon pedal is a modified bass drum pedal with a patented design that allows it to operate on the sides as well as the front plate of the cajon. Musicians attach it to the cajon using a non-marking clamp. The pedal unit connects to the beater and spring adjustment using a rigid link. Percussionists can adjust the tension of the setup so that it suits their playing requirements. The Leiva cajon pedal offers reliability, responsive playing speed, smoothness, and comfort.

How to Buy a Cajon Pedal on eBay

It you want to integrate your cajon into your drum kit or simply free your hands so that you can play another musical instrument simultaneously, you can find the right cajon pedal for your setup on eBay. Each page on the site has an empty search field where you can enter keywords, such as "cajon pedal." Browse the listings and read the item descriptions carefully to learn more about the products on offer so that you choose the cajon pedal that best suits your musical needs.
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