BEWARE if Seller says Old item is Perfect or Pristine

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It is extremely rare that a Vintage or Antique glass or pottery item is in perfect or pristine condition.

I have found that there are many sellers on ebay who offer vintage or old art glass and vintage or old art pottery calling their items pristine or perfect when, in fact, these pieces have scratches and normal wear - mostly on the bases or bottoms.  This type of wear is expected on older pieces that have been used.

Everyday I see VINTAGE ART GLASS - ESPECIALLY VINTAGE MURANO GLASS - listed on eBay - described in Perfect Condition.  Whenever I write to sellers of this supposed perfect Murano glass - the answers I receive from these sellers are "There are lots of scratches but these are not important." or "There are nicks and scratches but they are not significant."  As you well know - scratches and nicks are INDEED important AND significant!  This information should ALWAYS BE DISCLOSED!  Be Careful!

Unless an older item is New Old Stock, or in safe storage for decades, it will normally have wear on it.

I often write to sellers asking questions about their supposed Perfect or Pristine items and when they answer, they say either - "yes, the item is perfect" (when it has scratches) or "the item is pristine with wear on the bottom" - which means that it is not perfect/pristine.

If an item has wear on the bottom, or multiple scratches - it is NOT perfect - it is NOT pristine.

I carefully examine every item I offer.  A good quality magnifying glass is essential to find and describe wear.

An honest and accurate description is one of the most important things a seller can present to earn the trust of eBay buyers. 

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