Authentication Service for Gucci & Gucci rececipts

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Authentication Guide for Gucci

What to do if you have purchased a counterfeit Gucci handbag online.


Confirm it is an authentic by posting it on either a.) (www.)  KnowKnowknockoffsForum (.com), b.) ebay clothing & accessories board or c.) The Purse Forum, or all three. Does not hurt to get a second opinion

Contact the seller

Take detailed photos of the interior and exterior (you will need these for an authenticity letter). Include a photo of the interior leather strip embossed with Gucci Made in Italy and the reverse side that has the serial number. (these photos are very important and if they are the onlys photos you can get, get these).

Save the auction. Print out the auction with photos before the seller removes the photos. Save all the original packing materials and paperwork. Take photos of any authentication paperwork returned (authenticity card, care book, etc). If they send a sales receipt KEEP IT!

File a report

Return the counterfeit item to the seller if they are requesting this to receive your refund. It is standard procedure on ebay to return the item to the seller for a refund. They will not refund until they have the item. Ship the item in a secure box with lots of tissue take a photo of this. Very Important to ship the package with SIGNATURE CONFIRMATION & tracking. This way you will know when they have received it and they can't say it was "lost in the mail".


If you have paid via Pay Pal, the seller should refund by clicking the refund option on the transaction on the bottom of the transaction page. By doing this they will receive their Pay Pal fee. If they send you a payment rather then refund the payment, the buyer will have to pay the transaction fee. If you get a pay pal refund there are no fees for the buyer or the seller.

Getting a nonauthentication statement

Pay Pal will require a written authentication statement if you have filed a "Significantly not as described" complaint against the seller.

You can attempt to get a written authentication statement from a departments store that sales Gucci or the Gucci boutique. BUT they have received so many request to do this with counterfeits so available on line that they are now declining to do this.

The quickest way to receive an authentication letter is by using the AUTHENCIATION SERVICE provided on Authentic-Luxury (.com),or/and caroldiva(.com)

My Poupette provides this service for Louis Vuitton.

Know KnockOffs Forum  authentication service (www.) Authentic-Luxury (.com) has a network of experts on your brand. You can get a written authentication statement for a fee. Turn around time is usually 3-7 Business days, so do  not wait until the last few days to request this letter.

File  a report with the following agencies:

USPS Postal Inspection Mail Fraud (sending a counterfeit item via USPS acroos state line or country to country is a Federal Offense)

National Trade Commission

Internet Fraud Complaint

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Above: Gucci receipt from a USA Gucci Boutique                                         Gucci receipt and price tag with maching ID numbers

   Gucci Boutique                            Close up of Gucci Beverely Hills receipt


 Gucci from Neiman Marcus retail store                           

                                                                                                                                           Gucci price tag for a wallet with matching

                                                                                                                                          ID # on the Gucci gift box.

Disclaimer: This guide is for reference only and was written in an effort to combat the sales of counterfeits. We are not affiliated with Gucci.



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