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I've been playing guitar since July 1960.  I have owned more than 500 guitars and amps.  I used to own 3 musical instrument shops. I love well made guitars that sound good, play easily and have low prices.  Those qualities are NOT mutually exclusive.

I currently own & play the Agile 2300 Les Paul Junior clone, the Agile Telecaster Thinline Clone, and the Brice 6 string bass guitar.  All Agile and Brice guitars are exclusively sold new by Rondo Music in New Jersey.  They are private brands made in Korea.  The guitars are not Samick nor Cort.

These guitars are good values.  They are not perfect, but the woodworking on my models are superior to that on new Gibsons. Tolerances and finishes are near perfect.  The P-90's on the Les Paul Junior sound great.  The ceramic pick-ups on the Telecaster Thinline are terrible, you need to replace those with better models by Fender or Seymour Duncan.  Then you'll have a great sounding Telecaster for less than $500.

The Brice bass has active & passive pick-ups.  I always use it powered by the 9 volt battery, the tone is bold and clean.  Much better than the $400 price would justify. Highly recommended.

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