A guide for Paintball HPA tank hydro dates

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I have seen some paintball tanks on Ebay that have been misleading to the buyers. Some sellers have listed their tanks as a 5 year hydrodate instead of the actual 3 year. So I would like to clarify how to tell your tanks rehydro due date. This information is strickly for informational purposes, please consult your local hydrotester for laws in your area.

On your HPA tank you will find a code begining with an "E", this is refered to as the E number. The following E-numbers have a 3 year hydro date:

E-07277, E-10915, E-11005, E-12479

The following have a 5 year hydor date according to their manufactor or last hydro date:

Last tested before May 11, 2001. 3 year. **
Newer than or last tested after May 11, 2001. 5 year test cycle

Last tested before July 1, 2001, 3 year. **
Newer than or last tested after July 1, 2001. 5 year test cycle.

Once your tank has been rehydro'd they will epoxy a tag to the tank with the new date, your next hydro will be 3 or 5 years away from that date according to the chart above.

If your tank needs to be tested it should cost around $15-$45 depending upon where you take it. Look in your local phone book under "Fire dept. equipment, or Fire extinguishers".

There is a place that you can find on the internet that is really good: www.hydrotester.com

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