9 Reasons You Don't Love Your Bedroom (And How To Fix It)

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Do you wish you loved your bedroom more? Here are seven reasons you don't love your bedroom (and simple designer tips to fix it!). 

You Aren't Treating It Like A Guest Room

Think about how you would prepare a room for a guest or what type of room you'd want to stay in on a vacation! What would or wouldn't be there? Would there be a vase with flowers on the nightstand? Would there be piles of clutter on the floor? We sometimes forget to treat ourselves as well as we would a guest! Those special touches will make your room an oasis you love.

You Don't Have Substantial Matching Lamps

The bedside lamps are an important design element to a bedroom that feels put together. It's a common mistake to have bedside lamps that are too small for the space. Choose two substantially sized lamps for either side of your bed. Mismatched nightstands are great, but it is preferable to choose matching lamps.

Your Pillows Are Too Small

A queen sized bed should be made with at least two Euro sized pillows for a nice dynamic look. Make sure your pillow inserts aren't too floppy. You want your accent pillows to look firm and solid, so opt for a fuller pillow (try an insert one size larger than your sham).

You Aren't Separating Work From Rest

Your bedroom should be a restful escape from the world. Try to keep work-related items and your workspace completely separate from your bedroom. Keep mail, bills, and to-do-lists in a designated place elsewhere in the house. Rather than having a desk in the bedroom, perhaps you could scale down to a smaller desk like a pull-down secretary in the living room.

The Air Is Stale

A bedroom should feel fresh and clean. But if you haven't cleaned or let the breeze blow through recently, it will feel stale. Clean your room from top to bottom. Vacuum the floors, dust the surfaces, wash your bedding, open up the windows wide to let fresh air in.

You Aren't Considering The Mood With Color

You may not love your bedroom simply because you aren't using colors that inspire the mood you want for your space. Maybe in your dreams you really want a bedroom that makes you feel happy and cheerful, but yours feel cozy and moody. Painting the walls could refresh the entire room and mood of the space.

It Has Too Much Of The Same

Are you growing tired of "the same"? Have you had the same rug, same bedding, same curtains, and the same accessories in the same exact places? Refresh your bedroom without buying anything new by swapping art, furniture or accessories with another room. Even something as simple as switching nightstands to the opposite sides could make it feel like a whole new room!

It Needs A Design Boost

Do you feel like your bedroom is missing something? It may not have enough variation in the textures to create design interest. Are most of the elements on your bed a similar texture? Mix in one dramatically different and highly textured piece, like a chunky knit pillow, shams with an interesting border, a textured quilt, or a fluffy blanket. Watch how easily your room is transformed with a new texture!

It Needs Some Shine

If your room feels a little dull and you want to spice things up, add a bit of shine. Reflective accessories like a mirrored tray, a silver lamp, or a collection of mercury glass candleholders can add sparkle and romance to the space.


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