8 Easy Easter Egg Decorating Ideas

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Looking for some easy Easter crafts to do with the kids? These simple egg decorating ideas will have you inspired. Cute, inexpensive and practically mess free. What more could you ask for?


Make these cute bunnies with just a few supplies. You will need a mini brown paper bag or some Kraft paper for the body. A small pompom and glue for the tail. Some rope or twine and paper scissors to trim the bunny ears. Now, simply wrap the paper around the egg, if you are using some craft paper you will also need to tape. Tie the top of the egg and cut out the ears. Glue on the pompom.


These simple bunnies are so easy to make. You need some cardstock and glue for the ears and a marker for the faces. Cut out the shape of the ears, preferably two different colors and sizes. Glue the inner ear onto the bigger ones. Once dried, fold a small tab and apply some glue. Attach the ears to the eggs. Finally, draw some cute faces preferably with a permanent maker on the middle of the eggs.


These party eggs are too cute and will be the life of the party! Make some mini party hats and ears from some cardstock. You can add cute details like stripes and polka dots with color markers. For extra cuteness add mini pompoms on the ends of the hats. Finally, with some fine tip markers draw the cutest faces you can imagine. You can add some rosy cheeks with a pink marker as well.


The egg people are my kid's favorite! You will once again need some markers to draw the hair, nose, and lips. Consider using non-toxic markers, especially if you are going to eat these later. As for the eyes, you need a little bit of glue and funny googly eyes. Let your kids have fun with the hairdos, try curly or fancy Charleston looks. Use different color eggs for different effects.


Keep it super simple this Easter and let your kids draw and doodle on their eggs. For the most effective and mod looking eggs, give them some fine tip black markers or limit the doodling to only one color per egg. Geometric shapes and a grid will make them ultra-modern looking. Polka dots and florals are classics and always cute.


The chalkboard trend is still going strong. So why not paint your eggs with some chalkboard paint. They come in different colors too now, like hot pink, yellow, green and turquoise. Your kids will have fun drawing on them with some chalk pens for more control than regular chalk. Erase and then start all over again. This will be the never ending egg decorating activity!


Now if you have a little more time on your hand and are good at crocheting, give these cute bunny hats a try. You will need very little yarn in two tones and a crochet hook. In a few stitches and minutes your eggs will be the warmest and coziest of the bunch. Once the eggs are eaten, you can keep them for your children's small dolls.


If you have children then you surely have some temporary tattoos in your home somewhere. You can decorate your eggs with the tattoos and get some really beautiful results. You can follow this video tutorial and see how easy it is. For fancier looking eggs find floral or ornate tattoos. For something more kiddie, try cute animals and colorful designs.

Check out this guide for some cute Easter decorating ideas. Also, have a look at the collection below for some great Easter decorative elements. Make your home festive this year!


Let your kids' imaginations run wild. Spend some quality time with them and create memories that last a lifetime.