6 Creative Uses for Rubber Stamps

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You already know rubber stamping is a fun hobby, but have you thought about how many other creative ways you can use your rubber stamps? Here are some great ideas for using your rubber stamps that go way beyond making cards!

Rubber stamps are an easy way to create unique effects on paper, fabric, and more mediums. You can have so much fun using your stamps in these unique ways:

1. Stamp on Fabric

Image by Flickr user Kathy. Licensed via Creative Commons.

Image by Flickr user Kathy. Licensed via Creative Commons.

Rubber stamps make it so easy to create a repeating pattern on a surface, so why not use your favorite rubber stamps to create a pattern on fabric? You can stamp a T-shirt or a piece of fabric that you can sew into a quilt block or garment.

To stamp with fabric, simply use a permanent ink pad like Staz-On or Archival and stamp like you normally would on paper. When the ink is dry, iron over the stamped area with an iron set to the non-steam setting, and corresponding setting for the fabric you used.

2. Stamp on Polymer Clay

Image by Flickr user Eileen Kane. Licensed via Creative Commons.

Image by Flickr user Eileen Kane. Licensed via Creative Commons.

Stamp on polymer clay slabs to create a unique, embossed look in your clay creations. Just roll out a thin piece of polymer clay, then lightly press your rubber stamp into the surface of the clay. If desired, stamp all over the clay to create a repeating pattern, or mix and match stamps to create a unique design. Poke a hole in the clay piece to make a pendant, or use it as an element in another craft design.

3. Bleach Stamping

Image by Flickr user redazadi. Licensed via Creative Commons.

Image by Flickr user redazadi. Licensed via Creative Commons.

Stamps are usually used to add a design with ink, but did you know you can also make a design by removing ink with bleach? This cool technique is simple to do.

Create a bleach stamp pad by folding a paper towel and placing it on a plastic lid (from your recycling bin). Pour a bit of bleach on the paper towel, then use it like you would a regular ink pad. Stamp a rubber stamp on the bleach pad, then make an impression on paper. Watch your image appear as the bleach works its magic!

4. Make Stickers

Stamp your rubber stamps over a sheet of round Avery labels or sticker paper to create your own unique stamps. Use watercolor paints to fill in the stamp for a truly unique sticker.

5. Emboss Velvet

Yes, you can create stunning embossed effects on velvet using your stamps! Choose a rayon/acetate velvet and a bold stamp with thick lines.

Lay the stamp face up on your ironing board, and the velvet face down on top of the stamp. Spritz the back of the velvet with water, then press over the back of the velvet for about 30 seconds. Lift the velvet off the stamp to reveal the beautiful embossed design.

6. Decorate Candles

You can easily create gorgeous decorated pillar candles by rubber stamping onto white tissue paper, and then wrapping the paper around a wax pillar candle. Gently heat the paper on the candle with an embossing gun to heat the candle wax and adhere the tissue to the outside of the candle.

When you are finished with these great alternative uses for your rubber stamps, don’t forget to clean your stamps so they are ready for the next time you want to use them.

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These are just a few ideas of how to use your rubber stamps in creative ways, but there are dozens more great ways to use your stamps.

Just think beyond the stamp box and use your rubber stamps in new ways!