5 Signs You Need New Golf Clubs

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5 Signs You Need New Golf Clubs

These days, golfers can spend anywhere from hundreds to thousands of dollars buying new golf clubs. Because of the apparent costs involved, many golfers put off buying new clubs a lot longer than they should. Many golfers also feel a strong sense of connection to their existing set of clubs. Procrastinating about buying new golf clubs can cause a golfer's game to suffer. There is going to be a time when buying new golf clubs just needs to happen. The following guide outlines the five signs that you need new golf clubs. They include changes in your handicap index, your age, obvious wear and tear to the clubs, and poor fit. This guide also includes a section on how to find new and good condition, used golf clubs online.

1. Your Golf Game Has Changed

Changes in a golfer's game can necessitate a change in clubs. For instance, players who are seeing their handicap index go down and their game improve, may want to upgrade to clubs that offer more substance and weight to help them further improve their game. For players who are seeing their scores go in the opposite direction and a noticeable drop off in the quality of their game, may want to switch to a set of clubs that are more forgiving. Clubs with cavity backs are an example of more forgiving clubs. The weight distribution in the club head helps golfers hit the ball straighter, even if their swing may be off. Beginners often begin with cavity back clubs, but once their game changes and they have perfected their swing control, they may want to switch to muscle back, or blade, style irons. These clubs feature more even weight behind the club head, and allow a more experienced golfer to fine tune their control over where they put the ball on hitting it.

2. You Bought Your Last Set Three Years Ago

Golf technology is constantly changing, and new construction techniques are used with each generation of clubs. Experts agree that the longest a golfer should go between purchasing new golf clubs is three years. Golfers who don't want to buy new sets every three years should at least take their existing set of clubs into a pro shop to have their clubs assessed by a professional. Many golf equipment shops provide a service whereby a golf professional will assess clubs to determine proper size and length and examine any parts that may need replacing. Most golfers will see their game change considerably over the course of three years, and they may need to update their clubs to accommodate these changes. Improvements in technology include movable club head weights, putter design, newly invented polymers, and club head materials. Adding the latest technology to a golf bag can help even an average golfer knock a few strokes off their score.

3. You are More "Senior" Than You Once Were

More "senior" is a nice way of saying, you might be getting older. It is a simple fact that most older players need clubs that have more flex in their shaft than younger players do. More flex in a shaft means that the club bends slightly when it is swung back and when it is swung forward. Once it impacts the ball the shaft's flex delivers more of a punch when it club face hits the ball, therefore sending the ball further. Experts agree, that most golfers, both younger and older players, play golf with clubs that are too stiff for their game. If you are noticing that your shots are not going as far as they once did, and you want a little more pop out of your clubs, it might be time for a new set with more flex in the shafts. There are five different flex types: Extra Stiff, Stiff, Regular, Senior, and Ladies. Golfers should try to match their flex with their swing style, as proper flex should help a golfer get maximum distance out of their swings. If a golfer is playing with a shaft that is too stiff for their range of motion, it will cause the club head to be at an improper angle when striking the ball, causing the ball to go off in odd directions.

4. You See Too Much Wear and Tear

Regardless of how well a club is cared for, wear and tear is inevitable. Sometimes the grooves in a club face become too smooth, which will cause the ball to slip and curve even when hit. Other evidence of wear and tear could be cracking in the club shafts, too much denting or abrasions to the underside or face of a club, excessively worn club grips, and more. Golfers should always consider repairs before immediately purchasing new clubs, as an individual club head, or club grips can be replaced, and it will be cheaper than replacing the entire set.

Replaceable Golf Club Parts

The following table outlines some golf club parts that can be replaced before having to purchase an entire new set of clubs.

Golf Club Part


Golf Club Grips

One piece of a golf club that wears out after time is the grip. After many rounds of golf and time at the driving range, the rubbing of golf gloves against the grips can cause wear. This wear sometimes goes all the way to the shaft of the golf club, and tearing and ripping of the grip can also occur. This grip deterioration may affect how a golfer handles and swings a golf club. Golfers should look at replacing grips before attempting to replace an entire set of clubs.

Golf Club Shafts

Shafts are another integral piece of the golf club which can be replaced if damage occurs. If shafts are bending too much, or cracking and splintering, they require replacement. While replacing grips can be done by the average golfer with the right tools, replacing shafts is a much more involved process that requires proper measuring, tools, glues, and more. Often professional assistance may be necessary to replace golf club shafts. Golfers who are looking to replace every single shaft in a set of clubs may wish to consider purchasing new clubs, as replacing every shaft may be more expensive than a new set, after the costs of tools, labor, and replacement parts are considered.

Golf Club Heads

Club heads may be replaced if the club face grooves have worn smooth, or a club head has become dented and damaged from years of use. Similar to golf club shafts, replacing a club head or two may be financially smart, but needing to replace golf heads for an entire set may be more expensive than purchasing a new set of golf clubs, after parts and labor are factored in.

Wear and tear is always a good sign that you may need new golf clubs, but money and time can be saved by replacing individual parts, if at all possible.

5. You're Not Making Progress

Some golfers will feel that they're just not making progress when it comes to their golf game. After taking lessons, hitting for hours and hours at the driving range, and playing many rounds of golf, there still are problems with their swing and with their scores. Adjusting the clubs a particular golfer is using may provide the change that a golfer needs to get their game back on track. Unbeknownst to you, there may be something going on with your clubs that is affecting your swing or style of gameplay. Some golfers play with a set of clubs that is just simply too short or too long for their needs, while others may have a set where the loft of their club faces is causing them to slice the ball consistently. If nothing else is working, consult with a professional, and consider purchasing a new set of clubs to jumpstart your game.

How to Find New Golf Clubs Online

Seasoned and amateur golfers alike can find great golf clubs online through the eBay website. To find the golf clubs available for sale on eBay, begin on the eBay homepage and click on the Sporting Goods category link. On the left side of the sporting goods hub page, hover over the sub-category that reads "Golf," and click on the link that reads "Clubs." This link takes golfers to a set of listings for all of the available sets of golf clubs and individual clubs for sale on the website. From this page, you can sort by "Club Type," "Brand," "Condition," "Price," "Shaft Material," and more. There is also a keyword search bar at the top of most eBay pages which allows users to look for clubs.


Purchasing new golf clubs can be expensive and time consuming, but the money and effort spent on buying a new set of clubs will certainly pay off on the golf course. Even though it may make sense to put off investing in new clubs until it is absolutely necessary, there are many occasions in which making that purchase is necessary. Golfers should always consider purchasing a new set of clubs after noticing major changes in their style of play. New clubs may be necessary to advance to the next level. For those whose clubs have simply sustained too much wear and tear to salvage, or others who simply have not made a golf club purchase in a long time, again, new clubs may be the solution. eBay offers golfers of every level, access to a huge selection of new and good used golf clubs.

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