14 Cute Backpacks for Girls

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If you are looking for the perfect backpack for school, travel, or play, we've got you covered! Here are 14 Cute Backpacks for Girls that are trendy, fun, and functional. Not only are the backpacks cute, they won't break the bank!

1. Minnie Mouse Backpack

Girls can access the magic of Disney each day with a fun Minnie Mouse backpack. Whether they are five or eighteen, if they are a Disney enthusiast, they will love toting around their belongings in a bag with bling and character!

2. Galaxy Backpack

If stargazing, learning about the solar system, or cool color combinations are her thing, this galaxy backpack will be high on her list! Packed with all of the compartments that are needful for school or play, this backpack is cosmic!

3. Holographic Backpack

Holograms are cool, which makes this holographic backpack a great bet for the trendy girl! We love how the colors change depending on how you look at it!

4. Unicorn Backpack

Designed for the littlest one on-the-go, this unicorn backpack is so exciting she'll want to carry it all the time!

5. Glitter Backpack

We are certain that glitter backpacks will always be a hot commodity! If she likes bling, this is the backpack for her!

6. Velvet Backpack

Perfect for the more sophisticated girly-girl, this backpack is so soft we want one for ourselves!

7. Polka Dot Backpack

Lightweight and durable, this absolutely adorable canvas backpack will be the envy of all of her friends! It's designed with enough storage for books, a cellphone, an iPad or other tablet, cosmetics, and personal belongings! So, whether it's used for school or travel, it'll work!

8. JanSport Backpack

JanSport has been making quality backpacks since 1967! For a traditional backpack that will hold up to wear and tear, with a cute design, this is our top pick!

9. Cartoon Backpack

Cartoon illustrating is hot, hot, hot, right now. If the girl in your life is interested in cartoon drawing, she'll love this backpack which looks like a 3-dimensional cartoon drawing.

10. Roxy Backpack

The Roxy brand is known for its sports apparel for women like swimsuits and cover ups, but they make fabulous backpacks, too! Made with attention to detail with fun patterns and fabrics, the Roxy brand lover will definitely want a Roxy brand backpack!

11. Under Armour Backpack

If you are looking for a backpack that's cute, functional, and water-resistant, you'll want to check out the Under Armour brand. We like the backpacks that are weather-battling so no matter what season it is, your belongings will stay protected!

12. North Face Backpack for Kids

Did you know that North Face makes a pint-sized backpack for kids aged six to nine? For a well-made backpack that is designed to fit just her age, this is a must.

13. Leather Floral Backpack

Floral prints are super on-trend right now! We love that this 90's inspired backpack contains a combination of materials including fabric and leather that look fabulous together.

14. Floral Backpack

If she likes flowers, then a floral backpack is the obvious choice! Choose from tons of patterns for the backpack that best matches her personality!

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14 Cute Backpacks for Girls!

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