10 More Must-Have Pieces for Your Bohemian Home

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Bohemian homes typically have an eclectic style with a plethora of multi-cultural pieces that are constantly being added. I love the fact that more is more in bohemian decor and that you can combine various styles for an overall look that’s lived-in and worldly. There’s practically a never-ending list of items that would look great in your boho home. Because this style is so popular of late, I’m adding 10 more must-have pieces for all you bohemian lovers.

Juju Hat

Juju hats are traditional African feather headdresses that make eye-catching wall art, especially if displayed in a cluster of various colors and sizes.

Mud Cloth

Bogolon, a West African fabric, is traditionally dyed with mud, which is commonly known as mud cloth. Traditionally these were used as camouflage by the Malian people, but in recent times we’ve come to appreciate the patterned textiles in fashion and home décor as well. Mud cloth makes an ideal pillow cover, window covering, or tablecloth; it can even be used to decorate a wall in your home.

Azilal Rug

These Moroccan rugs have a long history, with mothers passing down this handmade practice to their daughters for centuries. Azilal rugs are characterized by bright colors and irregular designs made of alternating knotted and woven lines.

Rattan Hanging Chair

I can’t resist rattan hanging chairs. There’s something so dreamy about the idea of lounging in one with a good book while you gently rock yourself into soothing bliss. My favorite hanging chair is the egg-shaped rattan style (many of which come with a stand so you don’t have to mount them to your ceiling). Add a plush throw blanket and decorative pillow to make it extra cozy and inviting.

Guatemalan Mask

Another cool alternative to wall art is a folksy Guatemalan mask. They’re unique, beautiful, and can be up to centuries old.

Hamsa Hand

Look for pieces with the Middle Eastern hamsa hand motif (often found in jewelry and wall hangings) which is believed to offer protection from the evil eye.

Moon Motif

Items like tapestries and planters featuring moon motifs always make a space feel more bohemian.


Rough gemstones bring an earthy element into the home and can shift the energy of a space. For example, rose quartz is said to be good for love and nurturing, citrine can be protective against negative energy, and amethyst can calm anxiety.

Dream Catcher

Originated by American Indians, dream catchers are woven wall hangings traditionally made of horsehair mesh, feathers, and beads intended to filter out bad dreams.

Hmong Pillow

The Hmong community originated in the mountainous parts of China, Vietnam, Laos, and Thailand. They are renowned for are their stunning textiles, which feature intricate patterns created by women using a reverse appliqué quilting method.