[Uncorrected Proofs] The Island Snatchers by Janice Kay Johnson / Historical F..

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Very Good
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edge wear, page corners bent/curled a bit; Advance Uncorrected Proofs to the first edition in trade paperback format. Anne, widowed shortly after reaching Hawaii, must somehow earn a living in a place and time where most women in her situation are forced into prostitution or virtual slavery. Against a backdrop of plague, attempted conquests of the island nation, and accusations of murder, Anne comes to see the natives as people, not savages--and falls in love for the first time in her life.
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The Island Snatchers
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"The Island Snatchers [Uncorrected Proofs]. Author: Johnson, Janice Kay. Specializing in science fiction, fantasy, and horror since 1998. Morristown, NY. Kayleighbug Books."
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