Top Gun by Thunder Mountain/Ocean Software for C64 (Commodore 64/128, 1987)

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About this item

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Clearing out my grandparents estate and came across this item, my grandfather used to own a Commodore 64 & 128 and this was a game he used to play. Pictures are the actual item you will receive, I am unsure if the paperwork is complete so please view and judge for yourself. In the event that I find more paperwork for the game after the sale I will mail it to you at no charge (we have lots of boxes of Commodore stuff to sort through). I will be posting TONS of other Commodore stuff like games, hardware, controllers and more so feel free to ask if there is something you need but I don't have posted yet (Chances are he probably had it because we're finding boxes upon boxes of Commodore stuff). Comes as original game and manual/paperwork as pictured, no box.
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Release Year
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Top Gun
Commodore 64
Ocean Software, Thunder Mountain

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