Burma "General Aung San" (1987) 45-Kyats SSN AU/CU-Grade {5-PACK} Banknotes: P64


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This is one of our standard {5-PACK} series of High Quality banknotes from Around the World. Unless otherwise noted, each member of this set of five (5) banknotes is of uncirculated grade, with consecutive or Sequential Serial Numbers (SSN). How many times in the past have you ordered notes from one of the many eBay sellers of world currency, expecting to receive your notes with consecutive SN’s, only to be disappointed by receiving the dregs of several different lots or bundles. I have been ordering banknotes from the largest distributors on eBay since 2007 and believe me, this happens more times than not. It is because of these repeated disappointments that we make every effort to ensure that our {5-PACKS} always contain CU-Grade notes with SSN’s. If we cannot meet these criteria, we clearly state so in the title and in the product’s description. We always aim to deliver the very best, the same high quality that we look for when we make a purchase, and with EBT, it's guaranteed.
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Standard: (w/ Sequential SN's)

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"Of Sequential Serial Numbered (SSN) Uncirculated Banknotes: P64. Why wait 3 to 4 WEEKS to receive your Banknotes & Coins ???. From the many vendors of Banknotes & Coins. speaking, older notes from the country of Burma were stapled into bundles of 100 as this was part of an aged-."
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