Maximilian Luce, Philippe Cazeau, La Bibliotheque Des Arts, 1982, 1st Ed, NEW


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Brand New. Rare find; no damage; HC is pristine; DC has no damage; marks; or writing.
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La Bibliotheque Des Arts
Year Printed
Art & Photography
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1st Edition, Dust Jacket, Illustrated, Oversized

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"Biography: Trained as a printmaker and draftsman, Paris-born Maximilien Luce is best known for his contribution to early 20th-century Pointillism, or Neo-Impressionism. During the 1920s, in his mid-career, Luce began frequenting the picturesque Île-de-France countryside west of Paris for rural subjects, and as he increasingly worked en plein air near towns like Rolleboise and Guernes, he developed a more spontaneous, painterly style."
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