Dongan 50 Series 50-0250-631CV Constant Voltage Transformer 95-132VAC to 120VAC

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About this item

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This Dongan Constant Voltage Transformer was removed from a production machine and is in good working condition. This nonstandard design transformer (with capacitor) was used to provide a constant power supply voltage to a machine PLC. Please contact us if you have any questions.PLEASE NOTE: We may have more than one of this item at the time we listed it for sale. If so, then the photos shown may not be the exact item you receive. However, the item you receive will still be of comparable quality and will be covered by the 30 day warranty.
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Country/Region of Manufacture
United States
Number of Phases
Voltage Rating
95-132VAC to 120VAC

Item description

"Manufacturer: Dongan. Height (A+Capacitor): 7.00 (178). UL Class 105°C insulation system, 55°C temperature rise through 750 VA. Depth (C): 4.12 (105). UL Class 180°C insulation system, 115°C temperature rise 1000 VA and above."
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