Catch of the Day (Silhouette Intimate Mo Romance Mass Market Collins, Judy

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spine creasing, edge wear; Katie Johns's heart stood still as the sound of her pursuer's footsteps grew closer. The sea gulls that flew over the dark, deserted docks couldn't save her, and the light at the end of the pier seemed so far away. Relief flooded through her at the sight of a dangerously handsome charter-boat captain--until she realized her heart was now in jeopardy....Joe Ryder's past demanded he resist Katie, but his feelings for her hit him like a tidal wave. He was all that stood between her and disaster. And then, with his love as bait, he was determined to go after the greatest catch of his life....
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"Author: Collins, Judy. He was all that stood between her and disaster. Publication: : Silhouette, 1989-12-01. Subject: Romance. Binding: Mass Market Paperback. Condition: Used: Good."
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